Affiliate marketing training manual for all(8-10)The secret off Google AdWords.

The well known,but seldom used secret to PPC(pay per click) platforms of witch Google is one will be revealed in this article.

In the previous article we looked at some free marketing tools forums,product review,P2P and Web 2.0.These tools alone can make you a fortune with affiliate marketing.

This time round we will look at how to correctly use paid marketing tools.The one’s we will be having a look at are:
2)Banner advertising.
3)Ezine ads.
4)Classified ads in newspapers.

Pay per click advertising is when you pay the company who is hosting your ad every time some one clicks on your ad.One of the best known examples is Google AdWords,but not the only one.
When you do a Google search you will find these adverts on the right and some times at the top of the page.

There are many secrets to using PPC and the first and most important is in the keywords or phrases you use.The phrases must be relevant to your affiliate marketing product.The reason for this you want targeted traffic,people that are really interested in what you are selling.You must think of as many keywords or phrases as you can.If you can get 50 you have done well.To help you with this there are programs that can do all the work for you.Google AdWords have one where you type in you keyword or phrases and and it will give you many alternatives.

The next step is to go to Google and enroll in their AdWords program.After that you put in your keywords and let the system do the work for you.Doing it this way can make you a lot of money or rune you financially.You will have to do five setting in Google AdWords to protect yourself:

Ï Your keyword bid must be set to between 5-10 cents click.Even at this low bid you will find more than enough traffic to make a lot of money with your chosen affiliate marketing program.

Ï With each ad use only a few related keywords.Do not use all 50 at once.Use only 3 to 4 directly related keywords with each ad.You can always change them with some of the other once if they do not work.

Ï Have a daily budget of $20-25.Having a set budget will protect you from over spending on keywords that do not work.Keywords do not work if you do not make money with them.If you have a lot of money to spend do it,because it will give you better results.

Ï The keywords you use must also be in the title of your ad.If it is it will be in bold letters on the ad in Google.That will attract more attention to your ad.

Ï Make people click with out thinking.There are words like new,now and get that subconsciously make people to click without thinking.Asking questions can also be used,but it is not the question itself that triggers the click response,it is the question mark.

There are other PPC platforms that you can use with you affiliate marketing program 7Search,Adengage and platforms are smaller than Google,but you can bid a lot lower to get good results.You will even make money with bids as low as 1 cent per click.That will give you more profit per sale from your affiliate marketing product.

PPC is and will always be one of the best ways to advertise your affiliate marketing program product with.When you use the guide lines in this article you will make a lot of money with PPC without braking the bank.

In the next article we will look at some more paid marketing tools and how to use them to their fullest effect.

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