Affiliate marketing training manual for all[4-10]Free marketing tools.

Having a website with your own domain is not going to make you money with your chosen affiliate marketing program.Their are more than a billion Internet users on the web.With billions of websites.You must do marketing or advertising to let your product stand out from the rest.

This is where affiliate marketing,marketing tools can help you.In this article we will be looking at some free tools you can use to get your website in front of potential buyers.The free tools are:
1]Your domain name
3]Search engines
4]Keywords and frazes
5]RSS feeds
9]Product review
11]Web 2.0

1]Your domain name.This is very important and was discussed in the previous
article.Easy to remember/spell EST.

2]Blogs.Is free and it was also discussed in the previous article.The heading of the article was.The next step- Marketing.

3]Search engines.This is were you tipe a search fraze of something you would like to know and the search engine spits out thousands of related websites.Google,Yahoo are same of the well know examples.Their are also smaller less know once that can give you good results AOL,Hot bot,AltaVista and the list goes on and on.Their are thousands of search engines.All of witch can be used to promote your affiliate marketing program.

To use the search engines,you must go to any of them and fill in the application form including you domain particulars.People can know find you when they put in search frases that are relevant to your site.The money will start rolling in.If it was only that easy.To test it for yourself,tipe in a search fraze that is relevant to your site.Now see if you can find your site?If you can find it in the first 10 pages stop reading,because you do not need any help.Your pages is already a winner.

Their are thousands of pages with relevant websites yours are lost among them,but do not dis spare there are ways to get in front of many of them.One of the ways comes in the form of Search Engine Optimization [SEO].There are two forms of SEO,on’site and off site.You will need both to have a successful website and business.

Off site normally revers to having links from other sites back to your site.You need to contact relevant website owners and ask if you can link to their site.When they say yes you put their site links on your website.The more links you have the better it is for your ranking and the closer you get to the first few pages.This is were the big money is and your affiliate marketing will start to work for you.

On’site refers to the contents of your site.Search engines loves content.The more content your website have the the better it is for your ranking.This contents also needs to be updated frequently.The fastest way off getting relevant contents is to go to article directories.Go to,, or there are thousands more,but these are the once I use.This is only scratching the surface of using search engines to advertise/market your affiliate marketing program with.

4]Keywords or frasise.
The reason keywords are so important is,because of search engines.The search engines use spiders to go through your site and determine what it is about.If your site is keyword rich.The spider will be able to index your article correctly.

Keywords are also important,because if somebody tipes in a search frases or word and it matches your keyword.The search engine will display your site on its pages.Bingo you have a potential customer for the product you are marketing through your affiliate marketing program.

The bottom line is your keywords or frases must appear at least 1,5% to 2% off all the contents of your website.There are keyword software that you can use to get the most targeted keyword for your site.Have a look at

In the next article we will look at some of the other free marketing tools.One of them will be the one I like and use the most.

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