Affiliate marketing training manual for all[10-5]More free marketing tools.

Making lots of money with affiliate marketing can be very easy,but you do need to market or advertise your business.Business in this context rivers to to your website.If you do not do marketing you are invisible to your potential customers.This marketing can be done free.

In the previous article we look at search engine.The concept that was discussed where S.E.O or search engine optimization be it on site or off site.We also looked at keywords as a form of free marketing to promote your affiliate marketing program.In this article we will look at three more Rss feeds,lists and articles.

1]Rss feeds.
a Rss feed is a format used to publish frequently updated work,news headlines,audio,video and blog entries.These feeds are retrieved from third party or some other persons websites.You can find good Rss feeds from Google,YouTube and Yahoo.The good news is that to get these feeds are free.

The main reason feeds are so important is that this provides contents to your website.If you remember from our previous articles search engines loves contents and if the contents are updated regularly all the better.Most Rss feeds are almost updated every day.That are great news for your affiliate marketing program and ultimately for your business.The more contents to your website.The higher your search engine rank and the more money you will make.

2]The list.
The money is in the list.The list rivers to people that have opt in to receive E-mails from you.This is a gold mine.These people want to hear from you.You can send them marketing E-mails to buy from you over and over.There are people on the net that are making millions in sales per year using only this marketing tool.

To get people to opt in you have to offer them some thing for free on your website,but for them to get at it they must give you their E-mail address.Have a look at my wed site,on the left.It reads subscribe to our free Internet home business tips newsletter.When people subscribe I have their E-mail address and can talk or sell to them over and over.

This is a great way to market your affiliate marketing program and it is free.If you do not have any free goods to give away.Go to Google and type in free E-books.You will find thousands to give away free.

Doing this affiliate marketing tool correctly will drive high quality traffic to your site.You will gain a reputation and people will want to hear from you.People will also buy from you.because your wright helpful articles and appear to be a guru on the subject.This can really make you rich.Yes and it is free.

The reason articles are great is,because of contents and people being laze of nature.People want contents for their web sites,but are to laze to wright it them self.So what do they do,they go to article directories and copy and past your article to their website.Doing this they have to put your author bios[particulars] with a link to your site on it.Now if any body reads your article on their site and wants to know more they press the link and are directed to your site.Their are thousands of article directories so the potential are endless.

Seeing that this is my favorite free affiliate marketing tool.In the next article you will find all the secrets to writing profit pulling articles and what to do with it.

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