Affiliate Marketing Tips

1. Learn the basics about affiliate programs and advertising on the major search engines. A great place to learn this is the Internet Cash System.

2. Partner with only legitimate affiliate programs. You want to make sure you get paid don’t you? See our affiliate directory for the best affiliate programs on the net.

3. Learn a little about websites and setup your own website. Many hosting providers have templates that make creating a website easy. See reviews of website hosting providers at Best Web Hosting to find a great provider.

4. Keep track of everything. Why? For starters you can’t really see how well you are doing if you don’t know where your traffic is coming from. Be sure and keep all receipts for any expenses for tax purposes.

5. Serve an industry, not a particular product or program. Products and programs may go away, but industries don’t. You will notice we have tons of programs for health related content. Sign up for all of them and market all of them.

6. Stay up to date on what is going on in the affiliate world. A great way to do this is to join our affiliate newsletter.

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