Affiliate Marketing / The future of online advertising

Over the years, internet marketing is diversifying in more than 1 way. The eventual success of an online business now depends on how evenly you have laid your card on the internet then just merely investing on traditional SEO / PPC .

Setting up Affiliate marketing networks

Affiliate marketing is now come into play as a major source of relevant traffic. Affiliate marketing has various models that one can look into:

• Setting up your own affiliate network.

• subscribing to an exsisting network of publishers, through various networks availbale online.

Payout Models in Affiliate marketing

When setting up an affiliate network its important to understand the various models that are available for paying the publisher. These models are prices on:

1. CPM Basic (Cost per thousand impressions)

2. CPC Cost per click basis

3. CPL cost per lead generated

4. Cost per sale achieved.

Affiliate marketing is slowly begin to happen in a huge way and gives everyone involved as win win position. Everyone benifits through it, thats the beauty of affiliate marketing.

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