Affiliate Marketing Strategies That Will Generate Tremendous Income

The affiliate marketing strategy below has been proven to increase
traffic, leads and your income if you have a proper marketing funnel in
Let me start out by saying that I have over 20 ye…

The affiliate marketing strategy below has been proven to increase
traffic, leads and your income if you have a proper marketing funnel in

Let me start out by saying that I have over 20 years of marketing
behind me. I say this because I have mentored hundreds of people who
were really struggling with affiliate marketing and had no idea why?

Affiliate companies offer you replicated websites, capture pages,
sales pages, autoresponders and a host of other tools they guarantee
will help you earn Hugh income. What they do not tell you is that every
tool they give you is set up for the prospect to go into their database,
their list not yours.

In essence you are either spending a lot of money, time, or both to
promote their products. The names of the prospects that fill out the opt
in forms on what they call your capture pages are now owned by the
company not you.

Sure you will earn some income but that is no way to build a business.

Affiliate marketing is one of the best ways to build a solid income
that will last a lifetime, if you set your business up correctly so you
can choose which products to promote.

If you find the correct primary affiliate company they will put the
following tools in place, allow you to build your own list and allow you
to promote other products which will create multiple streams of income:

  • A complete affiliate marketing strategy that will detail the exact activities that will generate leads and income very quickly
  • Professional capture pages that are coded to your list
  • A professional free gift to offer your prospects which will significantly increase the size of your list and income
  • Professional autoresponders where you simply load them into your Aweber account and will help to convert your leads to customers
  • A professional template for a reveal tab fan page within Facebook that has been proven to increase your leads by over 300%

Yes, there are companies out there that place every piece of the
success puzzle into your hands that is being used by the top 3% earners
online. Just as important they code everything to build your list and
your blog.

The main reason so many people struggle so much within affiliate
marketing is they simply don’t understand the daily activities to
generate traffic as well as the necessary free tools to syndicate their

Once you have your blog up and running, there is a certain affiliate
marketing strategy that you can perform daily that will generate
tremendous traffic to your blog for free. My team uses a simple strategy
that involves the following:

  • Create a blog post around a specific keyword with low competition. I explain this within other articles
  • Join and spend the couple of hours necessary to sign up
    for all 32 free accounts within onlywire, the time will be well worth
    it. Be sure to drag their bookmarklet onto your firefox toolbar
  • Publish your blog post and click the onlywire bookmark and share on
    your toolbar. Leave all 32 sites checked and complete the tags with your
    keywords and the description

Click post bookmark and you just sent your blog post to 32 of the
strongest websites with the highest page rank on the planet, this is how
to run your business. You now have 32 backlinks which will get your
blog post ranked highly within Google and you will have traffic from
those 32 sites.

Now take the exact link from your blog post and place it in 30
Facebook groups. Now you added 30 very high authority backlinks and a
lot of traffic from Facebook as well.

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