Affiliate Marketing Scams

Many companies will promote their tools
as the best way to build your business. They offer to you sales
pages, capture pages, autoresponders and so much more, sounds great

I have a
different definition of affiliate marketing scams then most do. I look
at the 95% of the affiliate marketing companies as being totally
deceptive which is leading to a 96% failure rate online.

that said both affiliate and network marketing are awesome ways to
generate multiple streams of income if your business is set up

companies will promote their tools as the best way to build your
business. They offer to you sales pages, capture pages, autoresponders
and so much more, sounds great right.

The fact
is that 95% of those companies are all building their list, their
database and their business not yours, that to me defines affiliate
marketing scams, not to mention very deceptive. Sure they give you the
bread crumbs in the form of a commission check but wealth online is
built through your list and your blog.

once your business is dressed for success you can add any affiliate or
network marketing company to your arsenal, but you won’t be under their

Yes you
need a blog. If you don’t have one there are many videos out there that
show you how to build one within two hours. The main key to building
true wealth online is to build your list by having thousands of people
per day coming to your blog, it’s not that difficult.

The way
you have your marketing funnel set up will dictate your success or
failure. There are a few affiliate companies out there that place all
the tools into your hands including a marketing funnel where you can
build your list.

domination will not only generate thousands of people to your blog for
free, but you can see tremendous results in less than 30 days. Google is
the largest search engine in the world because of the type of
algorithms they have.

put they give the searcher the content they are looking for usually on
the first try. If Google can find a blog that offers more content that
is relevant to the search, they will rank that blog on page one
regardless of the age or page rank of that blog.

niche domination what you are doing is creating at least three or four
blog post with different keywords within the same niche. You now create
all three post and interlink them with something called an anchor tag.

say you are creating a blog post with the keyword article marketing
tips, and you have two other blog post you are going to create with the
keywords article marketing strategies and article marketing income.
Within each of your post you will place the other two keywords within a
sentence that links to those blog post.

now comes in and follows your links and instead of getting credit for
just the content on that post you will now triple your word count,
relevancy and keywords.

Not only
will you get ranked on page one with at least two of those keywords,
but Google will give you hundreds of other keywords within that niche
where they will rank you highly because of the relevancy.

The results are total niche domination, tons of traffic, leads and income if you have your marketing funnel set up correctly.

If your true desire is to earn replacement type income you need to have the following within your business.

  • A Daily blueprint of very specific strategies that you should implement

  • A professional marketing funnel

  • A free gift to offer your prospects

  • Professional autoresponders

  • Capture pages

  • A very
    specific syndication strategy for your blog post that will get your
    blog in front of hundreds and thousands of people and websites

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