Affiliate Marketing Explained For The Layman

Clueless about Affiliate Marketing?

No worries, this is a very simple, easy to understand article that is written for the newbie in mind!

Are you new to internet marketing?  Have you been hearing so much about Affiliate Marketing, but are totally clueless what it is all about?  Read this below!


Affiliate Marketing basically involves a merchant with a product and someone (the affiliate) who acts like a virtual salesperson for the product.  The merchant will provide a unique affiliate link and the affiliate will promote this link on the Internet.  Every time someone clicks on this link and proceeds to make a purchase of the product, the affiliate who directed the buyer will get a commission out of it.


Affiliate marketing programs flourish because of the ingenious win-win relationship between the merchant and the affiliate!  Both parties benefit from the program in their own way.

As a merchant, affiliate marketing is a form of advertising that will give the product or service maximum exposure.  The more affiliates recruited, the higher the chances of the product being seen by potential customers on the Internet.  The merchant also pays the “fees” of advertising only when the affiliate sends customers to the product which thereafter converts to a sale.  Compared to traditional avenues, affiliate programs often stretch their advertising dollars more!

As an affiliate, all you need to do is to promote the unique link for the particular program you join.  Your job is to simply find as many prospects as possible and to convince them to purchase the product!  There is no need for you to develop your own product and system as there are thousands of affiliate programs to join.  If you are very new to internet marketing, this is the easiest way of embarking on your journey of earning money online, agree?  You do not have to worry about where to store your products, how to stock your inventory, how to deal with suppliers and how to set up a payment and shipping system at all!  Everything is already included in the affiliate program.  There is practically no start-up costs, all you have to do is promote and promote!


Do you like to work from home?  Or do you prefer the environment of having colleagues at your workplace to talk to?

Are you the type who is disciplined enough to work when there are so many distractions at home?  Will you end up watching TV, surfing the internet and playing video games for hours instead?

If you think you are suited to work at home, then answer these too.

Are you passionate about Affiliate Marketing in the first place?  Do you believe in the system and why it is one of the best ways to make money online?

Do you have the patience and persistence to build up your Affiliate Marketing business?  Profits may not come immediately for everyone, and just like any business, you may have to mould it as you learn along the way.

Anyone can be a successful affiliate marketer if you have the right learning attitude!  As long as you have the determination to pick up the skills and a strong passion for it to work, affiliate marketing will definitely help you realize your dream of working from home.  It is proven the most effective way of making money online! 

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