Affiliate Marketers Earn From These Web Business Ideas

Today there are many web businesses you can set up based around the affiliate marketing business model. This article looks at four web business ideas that you can make money with as an affiliate marketer.

Affiliate marketing is so flexible in that there are many web businesses you can set up based around this business model. Here we discuss 4 web business ideas you can make money with as an affiliate marketer.

1. CPA programs. Cost per action affiliate programs pay you when your website visitor performs a specific action. Usually this is where people fill out a short lead form with information such as their name, email address or zip code.

This is actually a great web business to be in because you will never run out of opportunities to promote. Joining an affiliate network is a fast way to get access to multiple CPA programs to promote.

2. Set up blogs with Google Adsense. A quick way to get started making money is by using WordPress themes with the Google Adsense plug-in.

Many themes come with this plug-in already installed and all you do is activate it. For those without you will need to install it and then activate it, but that is very easy to do.

It is very easy to arrange where you want the Adsense adverts to appear on your blog. With the Google Adsense affiliate program you make money every time somebody clicks on one of these ads. You may not believe this but it is true that there are people who earn 6 and 7 figure incomes just doing this.

3. Sell digital information. It has been reported by Amazon that more people purchase digital books than hardcopy books. This explains why the Amazon Kindle is so popular.

However, ClickBank is the largest digital information provider in the world and they have a great affiliate program as well. When you focus on selling information that solves people’s problems you can make a lot of money with this type of Internet business.

4. Promote physical products. Join the Amazon affiliate program for free. Their program contains products that range anywhere from $1 to several hundred thousand dollars.

A common tactic today is to set up a business promoting one specific product by that product name or model number. Create a one page website with graphics and website links leading to your Amazon sales page. You earn a commission every time somebody purchases a product from your sales page.

The above are 4 excellent web business ideas you can earn with affiliate marketing. Some affiliate marketers focus on one specific type of business model while others incorporate all of these to make a lot of money.

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