Affiliate Internet Business Start-Up Tips For Beginners

Are you all excited and ready to start an affiliate internet business yet at the same time a little apprehensive and unsure of the start-up process?  This article contains some basic guidelines and tips to help beginners get off to a smooth start.

Once you have found an affiliate internet business that you would like to join the first step is to sign-up as an affiliate.  The information requested from you on the affiliate business program sign-up forms differ from program to program. You may have already noticed that some programs request an awful lot of information whilst others request minimal information.

The affiliate internet business sign-up form will request you to give your name and email address.  You will also be asked to choose a username and password.   The username is a name that you would like to be known as while being an affiliate of the program and it may also be used by you to login to your affiliate panel and sometimes used in your affiliate url.  So choose a name that is easy to type and remember and usually it must be a minimum of 5 characters long. 

When it comes to entering your password, do not get confused and insert the password that you use to access your email account of the email address you have just provided.  Choose a totally new password and type it all in small letters.

It is really important that you enter your email address correctly because more often than not the first thing that will happen is they will send an email to you requesting you to confirm that your email address is correct and that you did in fact request to be signed-up and agree to receive information from them. 

Sometimes on the sign-up form you may be asked to confirm your email address.  This simply means that you must type the same email address again in the box provided.

You may also have seen a note on the affiliate internet business program page asking you to white list their email address.  This is to ensure that you do in fact receive the email they are going to send you.  So you need to add their email address to your address book so that it will not be blocked by spam filters or end up in your spam folder.

The first email you receive from the affiliate program may request you to click on a confirmation link.  Once you click on the confirmation link then you should receive an introductory email containing your affiliate information, such as username, password, link to access the affiliate program, your affiliate url etc., etc.

Click on the link to access the affiliate section of your affiliate internet business, once it is open in your browser Bookmark it in your Favorites so that you have easy access to it in the future.  So as to keep your Favorites well organized, you could prior to doing this create a folder in your Favorites called Affiliate Programs and then bookmark your first program in that folder. 

If you are not sure how to create a new folder, click on Favorites on your horizontal menu above your browser window, click on Organize Favorites, click on New Folder and type in the name of your new folder, press Enter and then click on Close.  Now open your Favorites sidebar (in Windows XP a star icon on the left of your screen or press Alt+C) and you will see your new folder.

The first time you access your affiliate back office it is a good idea to go to your Profile or Personal Information page just to check that the information you inserted on the sign-up page is correct and you will probably be requested to enter further information.

It is really important to ensure that you provide the correct information they require in order to pay you.  If they are paying by cheque be sure that your postal address is 100% correct.  If they are using a payment processor such as for example PayPay or AlertPay you will notice that they request an email address.  This is how these two payment processors work, your email address is your account number.  So you would then have to open an account at PayPay or AlertPay (or whatever processor they are using) and then return to this page and enter the email address that you used to open the account.

Other payment processors do give you an actual account number, but you will normally be prompted on your profile page to enter an email address or account number so it is not easy to make a mistake.

As you will receive regular emails from the affiliate internet business programs that you join, it is a good idea to open a folder in your email account with the name of the affiliate program and file them away which helps keep you organized so that you can easily locate them.  Be sure to save the email you receive with your sign up information.

Once the sign-up process is over you are now officially an affiliate and you have your own affiliate internet business.  Congratulations!  It is now time to get to work!

Spend time exploring your back office, go through all the links so that you get a good understanding of the program and go through the training program that they provide.  Study the marketing materials such as the web page for you to market, internet marketing methods they recommend, banners, text links, splash pages, examples of solo adverts, email ads and classified ads etc.

Many of the affiliate internet business programs will provide you with the name and contact details of your sponsor so don’t be afraid to contact them if you need assistance. Also you may well find that the affiliate program has a forum, if so, I highly recommend you spend time there as they are not only usually a gold mine of information but where you can ask questions and seek advice from other affiliate internet business owners.

Perhaps you are considering joining a number of affiliate internet business programs in order to earn multiple streams of income, if so it would be a good idea to get your own domain and market all the programs together on your own website.  I wish you every success with your affiliate internet business.  

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