Affiliate CPA Network a Lucrative Way to Make Money Online

CPA marketing became one of the most successful ways of doing Internet Online Marketing during the recession of that simple reason the visitor does not need to spend any money before you get paid as an affiliate. Read more to see how you can make easy money online with affiliate marketing.

Compared to regular affiliate marketing CPA Network marketing is not based on getting a sale from a website visitor. CPA marketing is based on a Cost per Action, which means that the visitor has to perform an action on the current web site that does not include a sale.

With that in hand makes is much easier for you as an affiliate, because you can, so to speak, give away trial products for free, to receive a payout.

In CPA affiliate marketing there are many different types of actions that the visitor can perform to trigger a payout for you

Here are a few of them:

Zip code submission

Is one of the easiest one, because the only action that is required is that a user write his zip code. These types of offers usually have a very high conversion rate that gives a payout from $0.50 and up.

Address Submission

The Company you promote wants a little bit more information from the visitor and you provide them with the visitors address by offering a $500 gift card or other similar offers. These offers still have a high conversion, and will trigger a payout for you around $2 and up.

Free Software Download

You will offer Screensavers, internet cards, pc scan software and similar to the visitor. When he accepts to download the software you will get paid from around $3 and up. Very often the payout will be around $15

Free Software Mailed to your address

The publisher which the visitor to sign up for some sort of membership, and offer the visitor some sort of software send to an address, Government Grant offers a examples of that type of CPA marketing, and will give a payout from $32 and up.

Product Trials

The visitor accepts a trial of a product send to his address. It can be a weight loss product or other health related products. Trials have high conversation rate based on what season it is, and a pretty good payout around $32 and up.

To start advertising CPA products you have to become a member of a CPA affiliate network that handles the company offers and the payout to the affiliates. It can be a little difficult to become a member of a CPA network because the business is so lucrative, so the CPA networks only want serious affiliates.

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