Adsense Business In A Box Review

Read our review of Adsense Business In A Box Review and find it if it will really help you build a network of quality adsense sites.

Adsense Business In A Box is a complete back of about 155 adsense ready websites you can upload and start using immediately. I feel I’m a relatively experienced niche marketer with some moderate success with just about every type of virtual real estate there is, which makes me qualified to do this review. I did find a few concerns about this project which I will address in this article, however there are some positive aspects to this product as well. The sales letter on this product isn’t too long, just about 7 pages or so. They give you ready made adsense sites in about 155 different niches. All you have to do is swap out your adsense code with theirs, upload it and your in business.

However there’s a couple of problems I see with this package and after reading the sales letter I didn’t see these issues addressed. The first issue has to do with duplicate content. The entire web runs on content and the fact that numerous people will be purchasing this package and uploading the same content IMHO would present a problem. Only a few of each of these sites would stick and the rest of them would get thrown in the google supplemental index, and wouldn’t show up on primary search results. They do break down the income potential, saying if you made $1.00 per day per site if you used all of these you’d make over $4,000 per month. This may be true if you had unique content on all these pages but not with duplicate content.

The other issue I have with this product is that they are using screenshots you can barely see, but not a link to a full sample website. With 155 I figured they could at least offer one of these for public display. However when I started looking through these 155 niche markets, I have to admit they are the best niche markets to get into. This is a plus because it could save you a ton of time researching niche markets since all your websites will be in the right markets, which saves you a big step right off the bat. However if you want these websites to be successful you’ll have to rewrite all the content that comes with each niche site, or pay a ghost writer to do this for you. This will take time and money but anything that’s really worth it is so that’s not a big issue.

The final issue I have is that they don’t mention any tested adsense conversion rates. So this means that the only way you’ll find this out for yourself is to buy the package, rewrite the website content and start sending traffic to it and test these templates yourself. Also keep in mind that once you get these sites up and running and rewrite the content, you’ll need to send links and traffic so you can test it. You can try using google analytics or just go with awstats included with c-panel.

The price is very inexpensive, and you are gambling by purchasing this product, but if it does work it would save you a lot of time doing niche market research. Other reviews I found on this were negative and that the product is somewhat over rated, but I think think if you are tech savvy and can get links it could be worth buying and testing out a template to see how well it converts.

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