A Review Of Traffic Geyser: Is This The Best Video Submission Software?

Is Traffic Geyser the best way to submit your videos on the internet? Find out everything from this impartial review!

Traffic Geyser is a great piece of software for submitting videos to websites, but it happens to also be a quite controversial one. Seeing as video marketing is so important that it’s some successful internet marketers’ ONLY tool, a relevant Traffic Geyser Review needs to take all aspects into account.

The tool was developed by Mike Koenigs and Frank Sousa and soon became very popular for its ability to spread videos on the internet, including some of the leading video sharing websites like Viddler and YouTube.

Traffic Geyser is much more than just a video blasting software and let’s take a look at the pros and cons to see what it does and if it’s worth it. Before that, let me tell you that TG has right now a 21-day trial period and after that they charge 100$ per month.

Don’t panic! There are people who only make a couple of videos a month and those evidently don’t need the paid version of Traffic Geyser. But if you shoot hundreds of them every month, like lots and lots of internet marketers do, it’s actually worth your money.


1. TG blasts your videos to over 30 important video sharing websites at the click of a button. You can choose the timing of every submission which makes this a great tool for climbing through the search engines. That is, as opposed to the majority of other video submitters out there who post your videos everywhere simultaneously, which can sometimes be interpreted by search engines as spam and give you a bad reputation.

2. With TG you can now also submit to article directories and it supports 26 of the highest ranking of them. This could be a valuable tool if you also focus on article marketing.

3. TG does not only submit your videos, but it helps you create and keep an eye on them as well: you can easily make cool presentations with the Slideshow Creator, or captions with the Lead Page Generator, keep track of your views and use the keyword research option for optimized results.

4. If you’re an active subscriber, you automatically enter the affiliation program for a 33% monthly cut per affiliate.

5. Traffic Geyser comes with a vast library consisting of video lessons on various interesting topics, starting with the production and submission of videos.


1. The first con that comes to mind is the monthly fee. As I already said, this is for the people who are really into doing video marketing as one of their main, regular strategies for promoting their content.

2. The number of websites could be bigger! Traffic Geyser works for leading sites such as YouTube, Viddler, Yahoo Video, Mega Video, Blip.tv etc, but not with DailyMotion or Metacafe.

So the most important difficulty for Traffic Geyser’s users is the price. Apart from that, this is a good piece of software, a valuable tool for regular video makers, and its affiliate program is a bonus.

One thing you could do if you can’t afford the subscription is to make the most of the trial version for the three weeks it is available. You can quit anytime you like, so that will not be a problem.

Very important!

As an internet marketer, I do NOT recommend using Traffic Geyser with YouTube. YouTube has very strict rules and regulations and they can always discontinue your account without an explanation. So you have to play by their rules because they are the #3 most visited website in the world and you cannot afford to be left out!

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