A Review of the Secret Affiliate Code 2.0 by Craig Beckta

Learn more about the Secret Affiliate Code 2.0 and see if it is right for you at this time. Please read our unbiased review of the Secret Affiliate Code 2.0 and make your final decision.

When you first visit the Secret Affiliate Code 2.0 website the first thing it will ask you is to surrender your name and email address so you can get a free E-Course on how Craig Beckta made $31,000 in 8 days. Craig had a typical affiliate marketer existence. His career wasn’t always a bed of roses. He purchased every course that promised to make him wealthy only to fall flat on his face and make him many thousands of dollars poorer, which is unfortunately too common of a story these days.

What what sets Craig Beckta apart from many others is that he refused to give up when things got tough. In fact, he finally went on to crack the code. Now he makes almost a grand per day which most people wouldn’t sneeze at. And now he decided not just to level the playing field, but to tilt it in the favor of the struggling affiliate marketer.

Casually perusing the website I’m looking at some very credible testimonials backed by their pictures and websites. Craig Beckta also mentions that once you purchase Secret Affiliate Code 2.0 from him, there will be nothing else in the way of future commitments and that you will have all you need to create these types of Marketing Systems.

The Secret Affiliate Code 2.0 course will give you a lot of great information on getting traffic free or darn near free. You will also learn customized Video Marketing Strategies to help you rank on Google and to dominate search results for your targeted keyword. If you need to learn to find the right Niche Markets he will show you sure-fire ways of doing this as well as how to drill deep to make sure you milk it for all its worth.

The Keyword Research techniques inside the Secret Affiliate Code 2.0 are unlike anything you’ve ever heard of. He will also show you the latest eBay selling techniques that are virtually guaranteed to work every time. You will learn exactly how to build an opt-in email list just like the gurus do. Learn the techniques required to maintain focus while you do all this. This is where a lot of people screw up. He also goes on to teach you mind mastery so you can get into the mindset of how to work less and earn more.

One thing Craig Beckta will tell you is that you are totally responsible for the income you generate online. But if you don’t have a roadmap, a bonafide blueprint that explains the steps of where you are now and compares them with the steps needed to succeed, you’re just spinning your wheels. You even learn how to spy on your competition. Once you master this simple technique, you can easily beat them at their own game with the Secret Affiliate Code 2.0.

For all the skeptics out there he even proves his google rankings on a few different products he’s promoting as an affiliate. Many Super Affiliates will not do this since there will more than likely be 50 copycats when this happens. Craig Beckta goes over a method called Process Stacking which when implemented correctly will more than likely have you dominating most or all of the entire page of results for your targeted keyword.

10 Videos come with the Secret Affiliate Code 2.0 course and it will teach you everything you need to know to dominate any product launch or promote any product. Now Craig Beckta didn’t mention this in his sales letter, but this is giving me ideas already. Like what about all of small launches that only have 1-2 Super Affiliates promoting it.

There are hundreds of these each week! So getting a good ranking on one of these would be cake if you learned these tips. Once again I’m shocked at the quality of recognized names, not gurus but in the trenches marketers, who gave this course a thumbs up. He even includes a daily planner so you can stay focused on your goals.

I’ve taken other niche marketing courses in the past and happy I took them. I learned a lot but none of them included a daily planner. This is a way to track accountability which in many cases determines the fine line from success to failure. He also includes many other things I just don’t have the room to mention in this review.

If you get nothing else out of this review other than this piece of advice you’ve learned something big. Only you can build your business and educate yourself. Also on the other side of frustration is massive success. Don’t fear frustration. Channel it and refocus it. Learn what you’re doing wrong, correct it and profit for the rest of your life. That’s what winners do.

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