Writer’s Block and Blogging

One archenemy to writing good blog posts is writer’s block. This is a formidable enemy that causes you to procrastinate writing or even worse yet to quit. What can you do when this enemy strikes? Hopefully the following paragraphs will explain where this enemy comes from as well as will give you some ammunition to use when this enemy appears.

How does it happen? What causes the block? The answers to these questions is fear.

Fear is something that grows within the recesses of our minds. It does not stop at thoughts of failure but also is activated by the thought of success, rejection and mediocrity.

The thought of failure is one thought that triggers fear in our subconscious minds. It is sometimes hard for our minds to distinguish between something that we fail at and whether or not we are the failure. Our minds sometimes lump the two together and we label ourselves as a failure simply because something that we did failed. We forget that failing is an activity not a person.

In order to overcome this fear of failure that causes a block in your ability to write, I suggest that you start to realize that just because you fail at something it does not make you a failure. I also suggest that you admit to yourself that you dread failing. Thirdly, I suggest that you recognize that with each failure you get closer to success. Finally, I suggest that you take each failure as a learning experience and relinquish any illusion of the notion of humiliation.

The thought of success is another thought that triggers fear in our subconscious minds. Many people dread success because it would begin a change in their lives. Changes that they feel that they are not ready for. Changes like an increase in responsibility for example. Fear of success also stems from thoughts that family and friends would resent your new found positions in life. Your imagination may work overtime using the dread that you have of change to make you think that success is a bad idea.

In order to overcome the fear of success I suggest that you realize that neither failure nor success determines if change is going to come. Realize that change is going to come no matter which one that you do. My suggestion is that since change will come no matter what you do you might as well succeed.

The thought of rejection is another thought that creates writer’s block. Sometimes you may take rejection of your work as a rejection of you. Your subconscious mind picks up on this tendency and creates the fear of writing which causes you to have a block and to not write at all. This way you will not have to face the rejection that you dread.

In order to overcome the fear of rejection I suggest that you immediately resolve yourself to the acceptance that you can’t please everyone. Statistics show that ten percent of the world’s population is not going to like you from birth. I suggest that this would also apply to your writing. So, just focus on pleasing your target audience and realize that you are just not going to be able to please everyone.

The thought that your work would be considered mediocre is another thought that creates writer’s block. In your conscious mind you might think that you write pretty well. However, other parts of your mind may be occupied with feelings that what you write has to be perfect. This preoccupation with perfection is nothing more than the terror of mediocrity.

In order to overcome this fear of being mediocre I suggest that you realize that in this life you are not going to be perfect. No one is. So you should just let that go and write.

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