Working Late for Bloggers

Are you a blogger and struggling to find time to write? This is very frustrating. Believe me, I know this because I, like you, have many obligations – work, family, business, hobby etc.

If we had let’s say maybe five extra hours a day that would solve our problems, it seems.

But, actually it’s not, because it’s not the matter of how many hours a day we have, but it’s the matter of how well we use these hours, this time we have. Because everybody has the same amount of time. You and me, and your friends, and my colleagues, everyone. Your competitors also have 24 hours a day and also have family obligations, work obligations. Anything that you are struggling with other people also are struggling with. So how to get out of this circle of finding time?

One idea which would help to find time for blogging is to stay up later than your entire family. For example, if you’re not a morning person and you would like to really work more in the evenings, or even later evenings, this is a very valuable time, because your family is asleep, and you will only need maybe a half an hour or an hour working on your blogging business. Basically it’s very quiet in the house. Nobody is disturbing you. You can go to your separate room, separate office, and setup your basically either recording studio or your writing studio, whatever you need to do in that particular blog.

Little by little your blogging activities will add up. Imagine you did this for 30 minutes a day, or one hour a day in the evening. Let’s say from 10 to 11 when your family is sort of asleep. What can you do during the time? You can write quite a few articles. You can record quite a few audio recordings, trainings for your target audience. You can do it in videos if you have the equipment at hand. Basically entire evening is for yourself this hour.

Of course it’s important that you don’t spend this hour by checking your emails, surfing the internet, social media. You have to close all those distractions. Shut the distractions from your evening activities and work only on your blog. Work only on your blogging business. This will make with time you a better writer, a better blogger, and eventually you will basically achieve more successful future for yourself.

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