Why You Want a Blog for a Business Website

Why You Want a Blog

Why do you need a Blog? Aren’t blogs for opinions or agenda’s? Well yes they can be used for that but in the business context they do three very important things.

  1. They regularly add fresh content to your website
  2. They establish you as an authority on a given subject.
  3. They keep visitors coming back to your website / help you build an audience.

So lets look at each of these real quick.

Fresh Content for your Website

Why do you care about fresh content on your website on a regular basis? Well for one it keeps your website from going stale. Think about the websites that you visit the most, are they constantly being updated with new content (think news sites or Social media) or are they static one or two page sites with some basic information?

Chances are it is the first category. Most people are the same way, they will revisit a website that has new information for them. So think of a blog as a way to communicate with your website visitors as well as current and future customers. As your website becomes more established it will become a free marketing channel for you. If you don’t think your business has anything to blog about, step back and think of what you would say to a prospective customer. Repackage that as informational piece (not to sale pitch like) and that can be a blog post. If you don’t want to write, simple fire up your webcam and record a three to five minute video and upload it to YouTube. Once you have the video on YouTube simply embed the video into your blog (Note: – if you do go the video route let me know, you might need a quick plugin in order to do so).

Subject Matter Expert (Authority)

When you have six months to a years worth of blog posts on different aspects of the same subject, it will become obvious what you know and don’t know. As long as you are publishing good quality content you will succeed in establishing yourself as an authority author on a subject. If that subject is the same subject / industry / niche as your website (and it should) that will have your website get ranked (more about this in the SEO lesson). Another great way to establish yourself as an authority is to enable and encourage comments on your blog posts, this lets you interact with your visitors and makes your site more personal.

Website Traffic

We already touched on this one a little with the Fresh Content portion but here is two other ways that you can drive traffic to your website with blog posts. RSS feeds – RSS is a technology that takes new content from websites and publishes it to a feed. It lets the receiving user download it to either a reader or a email client or an app on a tablet or smartphone. So even if you publish content to your website, your reader base can see it on other parts of the web. RSS and the second route email, both come with subscription options. The second route is email. You can have your website visitors sign up for email subscriptions whenever you publish new blog posts. Again another way for you to interact with your visitors and customers. By offering an email subscription option you are practically guaranteeing that your visitors will at least see your content

So here is three very good reasons for why you should blog at least once a week, again it doesn’t have to be a big chore. A 500 word article should be able to be written in an hour or so as long as you know the subject material. If you go the video route, you should be able to record 5 minutes of video, upload to YouTube and embed on your blog post in about 30 minutes.

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