Why Niche Blogs Lack Advertisements

One of the first things that any webmaster wants to do after creating a new niche blog is put up some advertisements so that it can begin earning money. In more cases than not, and especially when dealing with niche blogs intended to profit from affiliate marketing, I would be very hesitant to put up any blatant advertisements.

This is particularly true for a young blog that still does not have much content, but even remains true when dealing with an established blog. The reason behind this is connected to understanding the purpose of a niche blog to begin with. The sole purpose of a niche blog is earn money as an affiliate by selling products; anything that impinges on your ability to do so is nothing more than a distraction.

More often than not, it will be the case that the layout of your blog that will sell the most products is a collection of posts, some of which are products reviews and some of which offer content without selling anything. The money posts from which you earn your revenue will be the product reviews, but you still need to have lots of content besides for reviews. This is so that your blog is taken seriously, both by readers and by search engines, and perceived as a hub for information instead of just a collection of hoplinks.

That’s why I would be very hesitant before posting a single banner advertisement of your site. It detracts from your ability to be perceived as speaking from an objective perspective, and instead the reader will assume that you’re trying to sell something. The main idea that you are trying to convey when a reader clicks on your blog is that you are not trying to sell anything, and that they are simply there to acquire more information. Banners, even a single one, completely undermines the goal that you are trying to reach.

That being the case, I would even stay away from using AdSense on your niche blog. Firstly, your review will be taken less seriously if there are advertisements standing there within your article itself. Moreover, you might lose a sale from a reader who clicks on the AdSense-this reader may have very well ended up purchasing the product from which you would receive a commission worth a lot more than the AdSense click.

Putting up advertisements is tempting, especially since it’s easier to earn a few quick dollars that way than from making a commission. But if you are in this for the long haul, and are interested in earning sustainable income online as an internet marketer, then I think the choice in front of you is simple. Hold off entirely on advertisements, so that your hoplinks are better disguised.

The result will be a niche blog prone to selling affiliate products. You will have lots of information, serious reviews, and no advertisements to distract your readers from buying products. Simply do a quick search for any hot-selling affiliate product, and you will see that many of the niche blogs that rank towards the top of your results will follow this model. After all, the strongest product reviews are those in which the reader is not even made aware that you are an affiliate.

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