Why I Decided to Self Host My Blog

In hindsight, I’m glad I started my personal blog (I do have other websites, but not a blog). It has been an exhilarating and enjoyable experience! But I am also thankful for making the decision to host the site separately myself instead of going with a blog on a ‘free’ platform. Trust me, it makes a world of difference. Let me explain.

See, a free blog is the sort of thing that can be found on Blogger, WordPress, Weebly, or Tumblr. Basically, all that is necessary to begin is for you to decide to start a blog. That’s essentially it. In order to establish a blog on any of these sites, you will need a working email address in order to set up an account (it’s pretty straightforward). After that, they will walk you through how to set up your own blog. Follow those steps & BOOM! There ya go – you’re a blogger.

And that’s fine for some folks. But self hosting is for me.

OK, for those that are new to all this, self hosting means that you are setting up a blog using your own hosting (well, you are using the space that your hosting company is renting to you).

And look at it this way; a free blog is like renting housing & a self-hosted blog is like owning your own home. In a space you rent you can live as you please… as long as you follow your landlord’s rules. If not – out on your keyster you go. But when ya own your own place, you can live free as a bird, say what you please, & throw all the wild parties you want! Well, you get the idea.

And the same goes for your blog. See, you can get into trouble on a free platform for breaking their terms of service (& you might not even know that you’ve done it). That can happen all sorts of ways; I have heard a few too many horror stories from other users for my taste. So I self host.

These are my reasons. The main one is that I enjoy the freedom. I mean, the joy of knowing that I have my own piece of virtual real estate to develop is its own reward for me. Not to mention, owning a website of any type is an asset that can build in value over time. Naturally, that depends on how it’s used. Also, owning your own blog gives your branding efforts a huge boost. Think about it; yourwebsite.com sounds a heckuva lot better than yourwebsite.yourhostplatform.com (isn’t that weird?).

The bottom line for me is that having my own self hosted site makes the most sense from a creativity and business standpoint. If you are truly hard up for cash, then go with a free platform. But long term, it is in your best interest to host your blog yourself.

Take it from me. It makes all the difference.

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