What I’ve Learned Throughout My eBusiness Course

Throughout the course of this semester we were assigned a product of creating an online blog, as well as creating an online store that we can sell products that correlated to our online blog business. This project has really taught be how to become an online entrepreneur. With countless hours committed my blog has become quite successful because I didn’t realize how marketing your blog posts with the simple tag, or advertising on your blog can create online traffic and you can start selling more products and creating a revenue. Below I’ve listed the five things I feel like I have learned from this project, and I will elaborate on how I felt and how you can do these things as well.

How to Create a Blog

The thing I have done the most throughout this whole project was write blog posts. Now never have written a blog post before, I wasn’t for sure what I was getting myself into or how easy it was to create your own blog.

How to Promote my Blog

Now, writing and promoting a blog are two totally different things. When I starting writing my blog posts it was easy, but trying to get traffic to your blog page as well as having people read your blog posts was a different story. Whether it was posting advertisements on my blog posts, or making sure I put in tags that the search engines would pick up, I had to make sure that I strategically posted what words and tags in my blog posts.

How to Open an Online Store

This is one topic I had absolutely no idea about and was pretty clueless when I first started working on my eBusiness project. This is based on your creativity as a sales person and what type of business you wish to open.

How to Become an Entrepreneur

This eBusiness project taught me all about how to channel my inner entrepreneur spirit, as well as channeling my inner creativity when it came to making something that is completely my own.

How to Write Different Types of Blog or Online Journal

I knew that I would enjoy writing an online journal just because I had a journal when I was younger but I didn’t realize how many different blog posts there were. I soon learned that there were different types of journal posts that you could explain a process, promote an item, talk about an experience, or even recommend a product or service and let them know your opinion

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