Treat Your Content Like Your Number One Product

Blogging, for those in the know, is a business. And the most successful bloggers treat it as such. But there is one factor above all else that should remain first priority: your content. For all of us that are in the game, we have certainly heard the cliché “Content is King”. And I don’t dispute that. The point of this article is to remind all of you bloggers out there that your content is also your number one product.

Think about it. For your first time visitors it is the quality of your content (not to mention its relevance and accuracy) by which these people will judge you. Have you ever ended up visiting a blog yourself where the posts were poorly written and monotone, even on an information rich topic? If so, how long did you stay on that site? My guess would be not long because most likely your initial impression of that site owner was so bad. And that’s how a user you never met before will judge you for substandard content.

Again, your content comes first, even before any products or services you plan to sell. Why? Because if your visitors can’t stand your content, then they’re not sticking around very long. Yes, the quality of your products and services are important and do make a difference. There is no doubt about that. But I see way too many people worrying about their products when their site’s content contributes to extraordinarily high bounce rates. Which is no way to run a business.

Yes, it is even more important than SEO. You may be skilled in SEO (and I commend you, because I’m not), but it defeats the purpose if people are showing up and leaving because of poor quality content. That is far more valuable than any backlink or software available online. In fact, it is my position that high quality content will make your SEO efforts even stronger because your posts and videos are more likely to be shared socially. Then you win.

By now I’m sure that you understand my point. It is a critical one though, because we are talking about your first impression. For all of your efforts involving promotion, marketing, and optimizing, you are seriously missing the boat if you’re neglecting the quality of your blog or website’s content. This is your most effective calling card or advertisement. It is essential that when a visitor clicks through to your site, that the page they land on wows them.

What can possibly make a better impression than that? It’s the easiest way to make a name for yourself, which makes all other aspects of your business easier. Make sure that first impression is unforgettable.

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