To Blog or Not To Blog Here Is the Answer

Blogging is hot and although it was originally dismissed by some online gurus and successful publishers, the truth is that after the blogging trend started, there are actually more bloggers and blogs online than before. So, the question now is “to blog or not to blog?”

It is a fact that various businesses can benefit from owning a blog. The exact mileage may differ, but some of the things that a blog can do for your business include:

• Easy Updates
A blog is one of the easiest ways to make customers aware of changes, news or special events. Compared to static websites that your webmaster needs to update every now and then, posting in blogs is as easy as writing an email. With a few clicks and some typing, you’re done.

• Stand Out
Although millions of blogs appear on the web every year, it’s a fact that not everyone owns a blog. This can be particularly true for those who offer products versus services. If most of your competitors don’t have one, then that’s enough reason for you to make one. By having a blog, you can show your expertise and that adds another level to the trust and like factor compared to someone who only offers pitches and products on his/her website. Depending on your market, your blog might also become a vital point of reference for consumers interested in your products. If they think they can count on your information, then they will probably see your products as valuable too. Thus, a blog can be a showcase, an edge above the tough competition and a time saver. If you are not seeing those benefits yet, keep trying and learning and you will achieve success in no time.

• Build a Strong Online Presence
Most of the time, people want to know a fair amount of information about the one they’re doing business with. Having a blog is a good way to let people know who you are and what you offer. It’s easy to share every detail from stories to tips, samples and photos to show people why they have to choose you over others. It is also a good way to show your personality. Is your business a little edgy, sweet or quirky? Make sure that your blog reflects whom you are and that it will help those who value those qualities.

How to Blog
Knowing how to blog cannot be that hard. You just need to pick your blogging platform and start writing. Anyone can blog, but the real question is how you can blog well. Unless you don’t care if people read your blog or not, you’ll want to make a blog that connects to people so they’ll care about your ideas and opinions, follow your suggestions and come back again and again. To make a good blog, you have to:

  • Stay relevant.
  • Build a conversation.
  • Build your community.
  • Continue to write.

To blog or not to blog? Whether you are planning to use a blog for your business or you just want to share information, coming up with the wrong answer will definitely affect you. However, one thing is for sure, blogging is here to stay.

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