Tips On How To Start Up Your Own Successful Blog

There are so many blogs online today. How can you start your own that will end up popular? In this article I am going to give you some tips on how to create your very own successful blog.


A blog needs to have posts added to it regularly so my first bit of advice is to make sure that choose a topic that you will enjoy blogging about!

If you aren’t going to enjoy writing on your blog then the truth is that you just won’t bother after a while.

Another important point about enjoying your topic is that when you write about it your passion for that topic will automatically come through and that helps to attract regular readers.

It helps them to connect with you more.


A blog is an ideal place to make some money. You might want to add some advertising that you get paid for or if you mean business then create your own products about the topic.

If you want to use your blog to make some money then your topic must be one that has plenty of interested people and a topic that people willingly spend money on.

If there are only a few people interested in your topic then you won’t have a large numbers of readers.

If no one spends any money in your niche topic then you won’t make any sales.

Blog Design

Choose a design that fits with your topic. That will help your readers to identify with your blog and feel at home there.

You can use a free website just as blogger or weebly, or you could buy your own domain name and hosting and use the wordpress blogging platform.

I personally prefer WordPress as it provides you with far more flexibility in terms of the looks and function of your blog.

Connecting With Readers

Use your blog to tell your story. People like to know about why you started your blog and more about you the blogger.

So write some posts on why you started it, share your own experiences, what you love about it, hate about it, tips, advice, etc.

Always remember to ask questions to encourage your readers to add their own comments.

The most important thing is to make sure that you are yourself so that your own individual personality shines through. That is what blogs are for!

Engage with any visitor and make sure from the start that you have a way for any visitor to sign up to your email list – whether it is to receive updates or a free ebook that will interest them.

Spreading The Word

Now go and tell everyone you know about it!

Here are some ideas:

  • Get involved in topical forum groups and use your signature link to go to your blog.
  • Write some articles and send the traffic to your blog.
  • Create social media sites and connect to your blog and update them with new posts.
  • Find other blogs on your topic and get involved.

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