Think Twice Before Stepping Into That Trap

Have you ever searched the internet looking for ways to make money?

According to Ninja Outreach, there are 500+ different ways to make money online today. Many of the programs that are promoting a way of “How to make money online,” being sold today are not fresh but used and now being monetized or worse. Learn the things to watch for because some people just want your money, and to keep you busy until the 30-day money back guarantee is up.

Some are set up just to continuously tap your credit card or bank account by up-selling “must have” products, for best results of course. Make sure that you watch out for the extra must-have purchases or up-sells. If that starts shortly after your initial purchase, then it might be a warning sign of more to come.

After some really good training at Wealthy Affiliate University, I now know how to spot the opportunists that are just out to get my money and give back as little as possible. I think that it’s very important that we all be able to spot the actors and learn ways to avoid being taken advantage of before a con artist gets hold of our credit card or bank account.

I heard a “fact” that 90% of everyone that buys a product related to internet marketing online, at some point, feel as though they’ve been ripped off. I really dislike being taken advantage of and I’m sure that you do too.

There are some things that I look at and for

Once you become aware of what to look for in a good program it becomes really easy to see in most cases whether you should invest your time and money or not. Knowing the ways to avoid scams online can save someone a lot of aggravation and money.

Someone may contact you and say that you’re already a winner and you just need to give some personal info in order to collect your prize, maybe your bank information so that they can direct-deposit your winnings, and they may need your social security number for the taxman too of course.

Con-men have figured out just what works on people to get what they want from them while giving as little as possible themselves.

Most have a few things in common other than the obvious and if you can learn to spot the warning signs and not dismiss them but take note and think twice about the situation, you might not fall prey to someone’s trap.

Here are some signs that should make you hesitate and think twice about the situation.

1. If it sounds too good to be true then it possibly is.

Even though a 100% legitimate program can be made to sound “too good to be true” with a great sales pitch, this is definitely true with a scam, they can make up anything and lie and deceive us if we’re not alert to some things. Hustlers will prey on the fact that many would love to make money fast and with little effort and they have no idea how the whole online business world operates, so they are lied to, or misinformed, and conned into purchasing the bait. The scheme will dangle a carrot of easy money to distract you from what they’re really after and that’s your personal and/or bank info.

2. Act Now – Don’t Wait!

Some scammers are notorious for creating a sense of urgency and they try to get you to act quicker by disturbing your thought process. They use that false sense of urgency to distract you from what they really want, your money.

Even though it is possible to earn thousands of dollars per week online, it ain’t easy!

A point to be made here is that there is a definite difference between an offer that is just low quality in what it delivers and a swindle. A scam is a deliberate rip-off, a dishonest scheme, and a fraud.

The truth is that although you have the impression in your mind that you’ll be making money in a matter of weeks, it may take much longer and cost a lot more than you originally thought.

As with any business, there are various tools that need to be used for best results. Some of these offers will include everything but most will “up-sell” some things as must-have items for you to purchase separately. This is just something to watch for when purchasing a product or program.

Example: you purchase a program to make money online for $199. Sounds great, but then after getting done with the first lesson or stage, you are sold a must-have product to help with the program for $50. There could be a few of these surprises hidden in the program and after a while, your total spent amount is $500. I would like to know that before I purchase anything and I’m sure that you would too.

3. No or false contact info on their website

If you can’t find any way to contact the seller on their site then be very careful. If they’re hard to contact you’ll be disappointed because if you have any questions you need them to respond quickly with the answers. For you to feel confident making a purchase you’ll want the safe feeling that you can get in touch and get a problem solved within a reasonable amount of time and not wonder if the support even received or cares about your claim.

4. Up-sells

As mentioned earlier, if after your purchase you are encouraged to then buy an additional product so that you can get the full benefit of your purchase, that’s not a good sign. Your newly bought product needs you to buy another product in order for it to work properly. This could be just the start of more up-sells coming to grab some more of your money. Keep watch out for that because you could start out with a $20 purchase and end up with $500 in receipts… yikes, what happened! Now my product should work just fine right? This is why I’ve learned to always recommend products that you can try out first.

5. Outrageous claims to success

When you see commercials or video of these guys driving around in their Lamborghini’s and welcoming you into their fancy million dollar homes and sailing around on their yachts, there’s a good chance that you should change the channel because their product is not worth your time or energy. Their sales pitch is really their product and the product being sold most likely isn’t worth half the price to you. The images of money and luxury that they show you in their sales pitch can make you want to buy their product even knowing that it very well could be a rip-off.

6. Deliberately slow your progress

There are some also that will only allow you to do 1 or 2 lessons per day saying that they don’t want you to be overwhelmed when their program is really shallow and basic and you could do the whole course in a few days if they allowed you to.

Even though someone can get a website framed and started, it can take months for one person to fill it up with pages and posts, images, etc. Then you need to be able to draw traffic to the site or nobody will see it. Learning SEO, or search engine optimization is essential to ranking in the search engines.

>>>It’s really like any other business, you need to keep investing time and energy into it to get anything out of it, and if you neglect it, it will certainly bear less fruit for you.<<<

Well, those are just 6 ways to avoid scams online and keep from being taken advantage of.

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