Think Like a Marketer and Make More Money With Your Blog

We have all had the experience of using the internet. It is a convenient highway of information that we have become quite used to and quite spoiled by. I say spoiled because I consider how we used to have to search for information prior to the public use of the internet. Nevertheless, the internet is a handy tool. When we want to find books on successful marketing we only need to go to the internet and search for that topic. The search engines will then yield thousands of results and we are then at liberty to click through the many entries to find what we are searching for.

Let’s just say, for all practical purposes, that we write blogs and that we are searching for books. Also, let’s say that we found several digital products that met our approval and we are now ready to delve into the products. How we approach the information will determine thousands of dollars in difference in our income. Consider the following paragraphs.

We delve into our new products, which are digital books on successful marketing, and find that there is a lot to learn. We set aside time in our daily schedule to go through the information and really apply ourselves to learning the concepts presented. We even test ourselves upon completion of each product. At the completion of our final digital product we find that we have learned a plethora of information on how to become successful marketers. The information that we have learned has now become unquestionably our’s because we have the digital copies and we have what we have learned. Let’s just say that we have learned more than the basics and are ready to really skyrocket. However, there is just one thing standing in the way. That one thing is content creation.

We can learn all of the blog marketing strategies in the world and not make very much money with our blog if we don’t have good content. In the previous paragraph we approached our digital products as learners. There is nothing wrong with that. In fact, learning is a very important part of thinking like a marketer. In order to really think like a marketer, however, when we approach new information we have to not only learn the information, we have to think about how we can teach the information. Once you begin to think about how you can share the information that you get content will begin to come to you easily.

When you think like a marketer there are simple questions that you would ask yourself when you come across new information. One question is “How can I teach this information?” A second question would be “How can this information help those in my targeted market?” Once you have the answer to these questions you can then use the information as content for your blog. Just be mindful not to plagiarize.

Thinking like a marketer greatly increases your blogging income. You are able to grab the attention of your reader better because content is constructed with your targeted market in mind. It is no secret that once you have your reader’s attention it is then easy to direct them to click on links or banners within your blog. This greatly increases your opt-ins and/or sales.

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