Things to Do Before Using Your Blog As a Job Search Tool

We are now in the so-called social media era. In this highly competitive society, you need to come up with something unique to be noticed. For instance, in a job search market, you need to market yourself as a distinct brand if you to take part in it. But do not divulge everything about you. Too personal information need not be disclosed publicly and that’s understandable.

If you already have a website, all you have to do is to market it. Potential employers will surely click the link to your website to learn something from you. However when you want to build a brand for your online image, you have to consider a lot of things.

1. Be cautious of the information that you want to publish online. If there’s some information that you’d like to keep to yourself then you don’t have to broadcast it on your website. Think again before you hit the button. You need to ensure that your website and all those personalized social media accounts such as Facebook and Twitter should not be interpreted as unpleasant or unsuitable.

2. If you don’t have your own website, have one now. Do not let yourself to be left behind. With the help of those companies who offer website design for free online, you can build your own website. Your website will be a big factor in your quest to make a brand for yourself. Here you can present all relevant information and credentials that you think might be interesting to an employer.

3. List your blog only when it’s related to your field. Make sure that your blog is related to your field; otherwise you will end up wandering online so to speak. Have a job search blog wherein you can post your previous job experiences, your expertise and other pertinent information. Allow comments from readers so that you can get insights and constructive criticism. From there, you will determine what you ought to do or not. Just bear in mind that you are responsible for everything that you put on the internet, so be wise enough. It is better to play safe than be sorry later on.

4. Read existing job search blogs. Maximize the online community to get used to it. Read the job search blogs of other people and be inspired by those who have successfully utilized this to their advantage. You can gain some tips from them on how to do it and be on the right track. Who knows, someday you’ll achieve what you’re longing for and be like them.

5. Have a blog and maintain it. The current trend nowadays is that people are becoming more engaged in social media trying to make a niche for themselves. So for you to catch up, you should create your own blog and see to it that you are regularly making updates. With this, you are giving an impression that you are serious in what you do.

6. Your blog must contain links to your actual resume and your social networking site. Your links should be in multiple formats such as .doc, .pdf, .docx. to make sure that anyone who wants to browse your resume can read it easily. For proper monitoring, you need to keep your social media accounts separate for all the job search travels you have and don’t forget to link people to them.

7. Let your readers come into your life. Share stories about anything – yourself, family, interests and hobbies. Doing so will let potential employers to have an insight about you as a person. As long as your personal anecdotes are not vulgar or offensive, continue doing that and you see there are other people who can relate to you.

8. Have a LinkedIn account too. This is an amazing, mufti-functional service that anyone can freely use to build network circles. In fact, millions of professionals worldwide have a LinkedIn account allowing them to strengthen their online endeavors and expand their participation in online community. If you just know how to capitalize on this tool, you can increase your marketability.

With all the blogs proliferating over the web, you need to have one that stands out from the rest. As you can see, blogs are powerful. It will make or break your online career. If you just simply follow all these guidelines, you will definitely go places.

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