Things To Keep In Mind For Effortless Blog Optimization

For the success of your blog, it is important to keep search engine optimization in mind while writing your posts, but don’t let it rule – or even ruin! – your blogging experience. While many blogging experts like to say that there is an inherent SEO value in blogging (which is certainly true!), there are still some improvements which can be made in order for you to make the most of your blogging efforts!

It is important not to go overboard with over-optimizing your blog. Today, more than ever, search engine optimization must be semantically strategic, and never a one-time effort, or a short-lived tactic (worse yet – a tactic you change every so often without even having a clear picture of what have you achieved so far, and what exactly your goalposts are!). The following are some simple, common sense things to incorporate into your everyday blogging – which have nothing to do with link building, but can be viewed as blog SEO best practices.

We can’t talk about search engine optimization without mentioning keywords. The days of keyword stuffing are, thankfully, long gone. When writing your blog posts do include your keywords and – this is important! – their variations: think synonyms, stemming, keyword modifiers… Don’t forget to do the same when it comes to title tags and article tags as well: these two should never be identical.

What is a blog without its archives and categories? Use these smartly in order to silo your content! You want to make your content easier to find, as well as to produce themed, topical pages which have better chances at ranking. It is best to use only one category per each post, and generally reduce the number of categories. This way, you will avoid having thin category pages on your blog, it is even better if you can add some introductory text to category pages.

Blog posts are meant to be shared and commented on! If you have not done it yet, you must incorporate some kind of “social sharing” widget into your blog. Remember, blogs are the grandparents of social media websites of today. The SEO benefits lie in getting your content distributed over social platforms, thus enlarging your blog’s audience, and that may bring new links to your blog. There are some marketers who are convinced that social does also influence rankings. While Google claims that it does not take social sharing data in the account when ranking websites in its search engine results pages, that may well change soon.

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