The Secret To Get Rid Of Writer’s Block Syndrome For Good

It sometimes happens to a writer that as he sits in front of his computer, his hands on the keyboard, when suddenly a glassy glaze covers his eyes and he stares blankly on the screen — a clear case of W.B.S. or Writer’s Block Syndrome.

Unfortunately, no writer is safe from this attack. One clear symptom of this dreaded phenomenon is the confused look on the writer’s face that slowly turns into panic — thoughts have escaped his head and no creative ideas comes out. For a writer to be in this state of mind is rather serious because his very existence depends on his ability to churn out new, interesting, and articles choked-full of valuable contents all the time or his career is dead!

Well, take heart dear writers. We can get rid forever of this frightful disease (we can call it that although it is not contagious).

First, let us analyze what causes it and what actually happens. When W.B.S. strikes, it is often triggered when a writer becomes excessively worried that his articles “might not be good enough to read” or “his readers are slowly losing interest in his works”. Aware that a blogger “is only as good as his last post”, he begins to panic and starts turning his grey matter inside-out, frantically searching for new ideas to write. However, the more he digs, the less anything turns up, until suddenly, his brains goes into a sort of coma and goes blank!

Now that we know the cause and effect of W.B.S., let us discuss on how it can be treated effectively forever.

Change our mindset from thinking ” what is good enough to tell our audience” to ” what does our audience wants to read about”. Shift your focus to what your readers are interested in, rather than shoving under their noses your idea on what they should read.

So how do you make this mindset shift? Try to become an authority on what you write. This is, by no means, done by continuously expounding your own opinions, or you end up being your only reader of your articles.

You ask your readers AND listen to their replies, comments, and feedback. Find every chance to connect with them. This way, you will know exactly what they want to learn from you and be confident in dealing with you. Once you have the information they need, ideas after ideas will just start flowing out of your mind.

Here are some tips on how you can connect and intermingle with your readers effectively:

Read and pay close attention to their comments. No comment is trivial or silly. If they spend time and effort to comment, give them the due courtesy and respect of acknowledging their effort. Study what they are telling you and reply promptly. By simply answering them will already provide you with endless ideas for your articles.

Come up with stimulating content. Stir up their emotions and provoke them to reply by voicing your opinion (or someone else’s) on some issues and ask for their personal reaction to them. This will initiate a lively conversation between you and your audience. Their replies will be a great source for your future articles.

Ask your readers directly about their opinions on topics or ideas you plan to write. You can do this by running a survey and promise to mention their names together with their comments and your replies. Their feed backs will surely ignite the creative fervor in you and inspire you to write with great enthusiasm knowing you are writing exactly what they want to read.

By listening to the voice of your readers and replying to them promptly, you can earn their lifelong loyalty by demonstrating your loyalty to them.

With the relationship you have built with your audience, there is a very slim possibility you will be suffer another attack of W.B.S., ever again!

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