The Relevance of Curating Content

Content curation may have gotten a bad reputation and it may have been regarded in a negative manner in the past; however, that is certainly not the case now. Nowadays, curated content is an acceptable and respected way to share content with many people at the same time.

The relationship between content and curation

With a lot of the stigma of curated content on the decline, more and more businesses, large and small, are using curated content as part of their content marketing campaign. There are many advantages to using curated content along with your original content and it is important to understand the relationship and the synergy that exist between the two.

Using both types of content will probably entice your readers and what you are sharing will hopefully hold the readers’ interest and make them want to keep coming back to read more and more. The more interested they are in the content that you are sharing, the more loyal they will become to you and to your business. That is exactly the way to build a solid relationship together.

You are saying that you want to offer the most value through the content that you are sharing with other people that you possibly can. You want to do this for the benefit of you target audience. You want to help them in any way that you can. One of the many advantages of sharing curated content is that it offers different viewpoints and different perspectives. Mixing your content up (with attribution, of course, on the curated content) will keep it much more interesting for your target audience and they will appreciate the value and the quality of what you are giving them to read.

A new way to disseminate valuable information

With so much important, relevant information that is easily accessible all of the time, this approach is an effective way to rein a nice portion of that information in and to use it very effectively. Content curation is a great way to give your audience a new way to hear the same story. The angle is different and the perspective is different. It lends itself to creativity and innovative thought. In fact, curated content offers your target audience a lot of new ideas and it keeps your content fresh and really interesting.

The other side of the coin

The other side of the coin, in other words, the other school of thought, is the idea that you use curated content because you can’t come up with any of your own original ideas. That is a far-fetched notion. If anything, you should be regarded as revolutionary and forward-thinking because you are constantly striving to offer as much value through your content to your readers as you possibly can. Still, there are those people who look down their noses as content curation as a practice.

They feel that it is a diluted concept because it wasn’t written by you personally. Of course, the truth of the matter is that it is in no way less valuable if someone else wrote it. Also, needless to say, it is not content that you are trying to pass off as your own. You are simply offering a broader exposure of ideas to your target audience and you are always going to be totally transparent about the fact that the curated content was written by another forward-thinking person.

Your contribution in that situation is to add your commentary to the end of the article. In other words, to give your two cents to the article. People will be interested in hearing what you have to say about it and they will respect the fact that you are secure enough about your own knowledge to want to help them expand their horizons and share valuable, educational information with them.

Content curation is a great way to introduce thought leaders and influencers to your target audience

When you share curated content with the members of your target audience, you are sharing the wisdom of your influencers. It has already been established that you respect and emulate your influencers and you wish to give that same gift to your target audience members. Curated content can come from just about anywhere, as long as the content has something valuable to say. It makes perfect sense that at least some of the curated content that you use should have been written by your influencers.


The relationship between your original content and curated content is very strong and extremely logical. It is important to embrace the concept of using curated content to improve the experience of your target audience and to give them the benefit of as much valuable information as you can get your hands on. It will definitely benefit everyone if you widen your scope and allow a more diverse variety of content to be a part of what you offer. Using original and curated content also enriches your content marketing strategy because it not only adds value to what you can accomplish alone but it also allows you to have a wealth of influencers behind you.

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