The Importance of Pro Attitude in Blogging

One of the reasons people fail in blogging is having an amateur mentality. They write when they feel like it. They do real work when they’re inspired.

However, the harsh reality is that without actually sitting down to write inspiration rarely comes. So bloggers must be ready for it.

It’s actually more important than you think. Pro attitude will make or break your blogging career. And you want to be successful, right? So make sure you leave amateur mindset behind and embrace pro attitude.

Pro attitude is basically doing those crucial and important tasks. This 80/20 rule or even 4/64 rule in your life, no matter what, no matter what the situation is, no matter what anybody else asks you to do. For example, as I’m teaching you right now my original idea was really to do a full training this morning, but I got sidetracked by my colleague, and I had to help my colleague in a number of unexpected ways. I didn’t say no because this colleague is important person in my life, but I said to myself, okay I will finish this training later today, whenever I will find additional time to do this.

Here we are. I’m teaching you right now and keeping this professional attitude. No matter what this is what makes or breaks the blogging success in the long run basically. Because one of the most important reasons people fail at blogging is that they want to have quick results, and in blogging results don’t happen overnight. It might require you months before you really feel the traction. Months, and even sometimes years, and so amateurs get discouraged. Those challenges, real natural challenges, they become insurmountable. But, if you’re keeping this professional attitude, if you are keeping this long-term vision for you, then obviously short-term distractions and set backs are no longer so important. You complete the tasks for yourself, no matter what.

Maybe, initially you plan to do too much for your day. Maybe 10 things a day is too much for you. Maybe you only need five things. I don’t know? It depends on your situation. Maybe you only need to work on three things or four things. It’s really up to you, but remember to finish what you started. This is professional attitude, which will eventually make great success for your blogging business, and make finding the time for actual blogging activities much, much easier.

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