The Best Strategies for Social Entrepreneurs

People make success stories. They attain their target in life. The success stories do not happen in isolation as most of the time team efforts convert a dream into a glorious reality.

People need to understand that how they can not achieve their goals all alone. There is always someone to help them. Put a glance on the life cycle of human being. When we were the infant, toddler and quite young, there were parents who had helped us live and grow peacefully and effortlessly. Then in school, there were teachers to educate us.

In the next stage of life, there were friends and mentors who showed us the right path and helped us in decision making and choosing the best career. Then we went to our professional life and met team members, who equally put their efforts to help us achieve our targets. So, how can one claim that he or she achieved their goals all alone? It is not possible to make a success story all by yourself. People need people in every stage of their life.

Even in entrepreneurship to attain your goal, most important element you required is “team “. You cannot get through all obstacles and hardships single-handedly. There should be people who can support you. There should be mentors who guide you to familiarize with right solutions and to tell you the best strategies.

As we all know that in Pakistan there are thousands of people who are unemployed. Students after completing their graduation or post-graduation seek career opportunities. One way to help the people to gain maximum benefit from the workforce is to endorse startups and entrepreneurship as a job-creating tool. This solution has mostly been overlooked. According to a survey, there are 220 million people in Pakistan and there are almost 40% unemployment from educated people. Unemployment is actually creating so many issues around the globe.

Actually there three kinds of people in the world:

1- Unemployable

2- Underemployed

3- Unemployed

They all start with ‘u’ and ‘u’ means really ‘you’ and you should explore the social entrepreneurship and learn from unemployable to become one so all grow together and live peacefully.

If you want to achieve something in your life, if you want to attain your strategies then follow the rule: ‘Stay foolish and stay hungry’. Be stupid in your ideas and be hungry for learning. Try each and every idea that come to your mind and do experiments so you can get the best solution. Be hungry in learning from the best people around the globe. Learn from everywhere and from each kind of people to gain maximum knowledge in your mind bucket. So when you start your own startup as a social entrepreneur you have the maximum and tremendous solution to do things right.

In social entrepreneurship, you take a small portion of what you are doing and giving it back to society. It feels so satisfying to fund and implement solutions to social, cultural, or environmental issues alongside making a profit too. It goes side by side. You can say the two-way profit creating theory. One for yourself and the other for society. It is the finest way to start your dream as a social entrepreneur. When you start at this age of your life, you would be young and capable enough of making right things happened. This could be the time when all your capacities to create an impact would be at peak. You can better serve your society than you can serve later and by actually making money too.

One of the places where you could learn social entrepreneurship in an online environment is Global Social Entrepreneurship(GSE) Foundation, the world’s first perpetual and self-fundraising entrepreneurial philanthropy. GSE Foundation provides quality entrepreneurial education and training in the online micro-jobs industry globally. The foundation is training people who already have some skills but do not know how to present those skills to the world and connect with the world through good communication, clarity and listening to the things and responding them. They teach how to fish for life and as a result, thousands of lives have been changed forever.

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