The 1 Reason You Will Always Have Something Interesting to Blog About

Recently I’ve heard a lot of people say they are unsuccessful at blogging. I’m writing this post now to share some hard truths about why that idea is wrong.

The #1 Reason – You Fail Before You Start

When I started blogging, I had lied to myself about the same thing. I was telling myself in my mind that I had nothing to write about, that anything I had to say to anyone was stupid, and that no one would want to read it.

Well I was wrong.

By doing this, I was actually telling my brain, “You can’t do it. Just don’t try.” And my brain obliged me, by not doing any activities related to writing at all. I had failed before I even started because I had convinced myself not to even try.

Successful bloggers will tell you they had to take risks and build momentum to get where they are today. The point: don’t quit before you start. Do a little every day and you’ll see progress.

Here’s What I Did

I started keeping a journal of things that happened to me during the day. At first, they were really boring and dry, like this:

“Today I woke up and brushed my teeth. Then I got ready for work and ate breakfast. My mom called and we talked for a few minutes. Then I went to work.”

After a few days of writing things down, it started to look like this, “I woke up feeling great! I was in such a good mood as I started to get ready for my day. My mind was clear, I put on some music, and got ready for work. Then my mom called and after we were finished talking I felt horrible. My good mood had vanished because we had a disagreement. I’m so mad at her right now, but I’m even more angry at myself for letting my happiness disappear.”

I thought about what I had written for a few minutes, and began to write a blog post about not letting others get in the way of your mood.

I took the idea, and wrote about the lesson.

Whether it’s something you learned a long time ago, or something you learned a few minutes ago, there will be someone willing to read it. There are plenty of people in the world who fight with their mom everyday!

It’s just an example, but you get the point.

Is It Really That Simple?

Are you awake? Good. How log have you been awake? A couple minutes? An hour? A few hours?

What has happened to you in that time?

If you have been conscious for any moment of this day, you have something to blog about. So start blogging. Stop making excuses, and just go do it now.

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