Techniques to Increase Blog Comments

Comments are very significant to a blog for these are also indicator of a blog’s success. If a blog has many comments, be it positive or negative, it only means that in one way or another it has an impact to your readers. In addition to that, you generate more traffic to your blog since a certain comment may ignite different reactions from other readers and this may lead to a series of conversations or arguments for that matter on your blog.

Blog comments may reveal the level of engagement between the blog author and the avid readers. From these comments, you will get more ideas and learn from the experiences of other members in the online community resulting to an accumulated wealth of knowledge generated because of your blog. To experience how it feels having a lot of blog comments from readers, the following tips may help you how.

1. Encourage readers to give comments. You may do this by including in the last part of your post an invitation to the readers for them to share their thoughts, reactions or experiences related to your post. Certainly it is a good avenue to learn something new from your readers and vice versa.

2. Give feedback too. As we all know, the Golden Rule states that you should do unto others what you want others do unto you. If you wish to receive feedback, then you too should give comments on their post. Even a single comment can make a difference.

3. Interact with your readers. How would you feel if you ask someone a question and you were just ignored? That’s precisely the feeling of one of your readers when there’s a question raised but you don’t give a reply. To ensure that your blog will continuously receive feedback, then you need to interact with your readers.

4. Acknowledge all the comments. As a courtesy, give thanks to those who spent their time reading your blog post and commenting on it afterwards. Perhaps you may send a thank you email to your readers for giving their valuable comments and invite them to connect with you at your personal email address. With this, they will feel a sense of belonging and the freedom to connect with you. For your part, you win their trust and loyalty.

5. Make things simple as to the commenting process. If you want comments to keep coming, then simplify the procedures and let your blog open to any comment. Sometimes readers get irritated when they try to comment but they need to fill up a captcha form. It also annoys them if they are asked to login first before they can post a comment.

6. Give incentives to your commenters. Doing so will help increase blog comments. Maybe a page rank will do promotion of their recent blogs or even their social media accounts. In this way, they may reciprocate your action.

7. Display the top commenters. Use a widget that features the names of those who exerted efforts to give comments for all your posts. As a way of appreciating their involvement in your blog, you can display the names of the top commenters. This is the best way to puff up their pride and they will most likely continue supporting your blog.

8. Think outside the box. Be unique in every way you can. Try to do something that will incite readers to give their views regarding your blogs. You may hold a contest for the best comment and offer an exciting prize.

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