Special Offers Online

One of the key actions online marketers use to attract customers and subscribers is to make special offers or provide giveaways.

Of course, all of us like to get free gifts – but we all know that the vast majority of giveaways used to grab our attention AND our email address are worthless and of little use therefore.

So what do I consider before accepting a special online offer or a free gift?

Normally, I don’t bother anymore with free gifts – as i cannot remember ever getting one that was of real worth.

With special offers there are certain criteria I use to assess their worth.

Incidentally, before I list the main criteria, one of them usually is whether, as a result of my accepting an offer or giveaway, I then constantly get emails for more products or services. If that happens, I cancel subs and dump the giveaway.

So what do I look for in a special offer?

1. It has to be something I really need – to advance my online business or build my website traffic generation.

2. Next is cost. The offer must be really inexpensive to join initially – less than $10

3. The initial offer must have a money back guarantee – with a decent assessment or trial period – e.g. 30 – 60 days. 7 days is too short, especially for folks who are only able to work online part-time.

4. Program access during the trial period must have sufficient learning material that I can see whether the overall program will be of benefit.

5. If I proceed, then the monthly cost must be affordable – no more than $30-$50 a month – and then for a limited period – e.g. 12 months.

6. Cancellation must be handled swiftly, be at any time during the program and refunds be given with no hassles.

7. The program has to be complete from A to Z. Naturally, this may not all be available during the trial period, but information should indicate what the complete program contains.

8. The teaching should be step by step – with simple explanatory videos and PDFs

9. The program needs to assist me across the board – not just get a free website/blog. It must teach how to set up the website/blog professionally, management, offer traffic generation techniques, use of social media, linking, and also have monetisation strategies.

10.Have an affiliate program – this gives an opportunity to earn back my program costs.

11. Support must be swift and easily assessed. Within 24 hours.

Lastly, It must be acceptable to Google and other search engine rules – i.e. no traffic farms etc.

I have joined many programs over the years – and, have only found real satisfaction for product, service and support with three.

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