Saying No in Your Blogging Business

It’s absolutely essential to come up with some free time to work on your blogging business but it’s not easy. A lot of bloggers struggle with this, myself included. But lately I’ve been using this technique which seem to work for me. I hope it will work for you too so I’ll share it here.

When we live our days and we work on our blogging business, many times we face a situation when somebody comes up to us and asks us to do a certain task. This might be an urgent task for them, and it might seem like an important task for us, but you have to differentiate between urgent and important, and more importantly, more often than not, you have to learn how to say no. How to decline politely so that you’re no longer working on the ideas of others, but you are taking full charge of your initiative, of your life, and doing the creative work that matters the most for you, your business, and the people around you, the people that you are influencing.

You have to learn to politely say no to people. Let’s say you received a call asking to do a certain task, to do a certain project, to have an interview or something, which would seem like it’s in alignment with your short-term perhaps goals. It would work well for your ego to have this interview and maybe somehow it would pay off in the short future very well, but if that takes the energy and time from your blogging business, and if you’re really looking seriously at your blogging activities, you should view it as a business.

If you are taking this seriously, and doing it with your full energy and strength, then probably it’s very important for you to reevaluate all those calls and reevaluate all the demands that you’re facing during the day, and diminish them to the minimum. I’m not saying you will completely cut out all the distractions, and all the other people’s demands from your life. You will not probably. You will not be able to live your life in solitude and work on your blogging business this way sustainably. No, but learning how to differentiate between those shiny objects and basically have a good sense of discernment, this will really help you to find much more time for your blogging activities, for your real blogging business, which actually creates value.

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