Ray Higdon’s Tips on Successful Blogging

Recently I started this new blog, I’ve been looking for ways that I can make it better and on top of that the right things to do to make it successful. I came across ray Higdon’s Blogging tips and thought that I’d share them. If you don’t know who Ray Higdon his role is an online network marker, he teaches both online and offline marketing skills that help network marketers grow their business’s

Ray’s blogging story is that he constantly blogged for 10 months before he started seeing real momentum. Consistency is the key when it comes to blogging.

So here are some of the things that the post covers.

Why does blogging work so well?

One of the reasons that blogging works so well is that the more you share information that’s helpful, the more people see you as an expert. People like to follow and join people that can help them get from A to B. Most people join a network marketing opportunity seeking a solution to a problem that they are having, and not to join a specific company, you have to be that solution.

Ray Higden’s Blogging Tips

If you look at Ray Higden’s business, it’s all personal branding. He even says “personal branding is key”. Blogging is meant to be from a single source and when you look at good bloggers they all have personality online. Allot of successful bloggers use pictures of themselves, pictures of their family pictures of their families etc. What people want to see is that there is a real person behind the blog and not just your company logo.

A point where people struggle most in blogging is content creation. What should you write about? How can I think of something every day to write about when I’m just starting out?

I had that same problem, I started using notes I’d written down and just put it into a post, and I figure that if I write one post every day, I’ll get better at writing and at finding things to write about. Now before I write a post I spend an hour researching the Subject that the post is on. I write down 3 or 4 pages of notes and then condense them into my blog posts.

Tips on Content Creation- From Ray

When creating Content, don’t focus on “what you know” and instead look at the problems and desires of your target market. You have to know your target market before you can start solving your problems. If you haven’t done it you should start doing some market research and find what your market is struggling with, what are their pains and can you provide a solution? Get your content idea’s from reteaching what you’ve just learnt, things from books, from webinars video’s etc.

Best thing to do is to immerse yourself in your target market, join forums take notes on interactions you have but the main thing is that you need to know what their struggling with what they want to accomplish.

2 Steps you can take to make your content creation easier is

1 Find a concept that’s derived from being in your market place, by watching webinars, coaching calls, reading books etc.

2. Take that concept and throw it into a keyword research tool and see if it’s getting any traffic, look for related key words have traffic and base your blog post around that.

So your market place is losing weight, you start visiting weight loss forums; you find that people are asking how to create a WordPress blog. You throw how to make a WordPress blog and other variations of the subject into a keyword tool. Gauge the traffic to see if there are many people looking for the subject ( when you start anything over 2000 views per month is good. try to avoid competitive keywords when you start out, until you get some back links and your ranking goes up.) Find a keyword you want to base your subject on, start researching the topic. Take notes and then write an article about it.

That’s a simple way to make content.

Turning Visitors into Leads

The best ways to turn visitors into leads is to Connect with them and build a relationship with them. Start by speaking their language, the best way to do this is to answer their questions, interact with them, get on the phone with them and understand where they are coming from.

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