Positives and Negatives of Blog Commenting You Should NEVER Ignore

Blog commenting is one effective way of promoting engagement in a blog. Readers get to share their views or opinions on a subject of discussion. Bloggers and webmasters draw on views of comments to access and assess what readers think about their posts.

There are positives and negatives associated with blog commenting. The best blogs out there exploit the most effective commenting strategies to increase the benefits and avoid the downsides. On this premise, here are positives and negatives of blog commenting a blogger should never ignore.

What is blog commenting?

This simple means a reader sharing or leaving his thoughts and opinions in the comment box of a blog or website. The opinion expressed may be in support of or in disapproval of the post or subject matter discussed.

Bloggers allow readers to share their views in the comment box of their blogs. However, some blogs don’t allow comments.

Positives and Negatives of blog commenting – Benefits to Embrace

Bloggers and readers can enjoy benefits from blog commenting. These are the positives.

For the blogger or webmaster who allows comments on his post or page, there are many benefits to expect. The most popular benefits include:

  • It helps to improve engagement on the blog
  • It helps to generate traffic to the blog
  • It helps the blogger to access the views of readers and direct the course of content delivery
  • It helps the blogger analyze the progress or otherwise of engagement on his/her blog
  • It helps improve conversion on the blog
  • Audience targeting is an important positive of blog commenting.
  • It helps provide a base for link building, etc.

For the reader, commenting on a blog also provides undeniable benefits or positives:

  • The reader can share his/her opinion about a particular subject matter
  • The reader can get answers to any question he/she may have concerning blog comments.
  • The reader can gain back links to his website by leaving his/her URL
  • The reader can engage with other readers and share their opinions
  • The reader can draw traffic to his/her blog through commenting, etc.

Negatives of Blog commenting: Spammers and trollers on the loose

Despite the benefits of blog commenting to the blogger and the reader there are negative aspects to consider. These come as spam and troll comments.

Many bloggers discourage commenting because of the dent that could be put on the credibility or reputation of a blog by spammers and trollers.

A spam comment can simply be described here as an unsolicited comment that does not add to the engagement or value of the post. In most instances, spams are left for marketing or back link purpose.

Apart from spam commentators, the activities of trollers are major concern for bloggers. These commentators resort to blackmail, threats, or abuse on other readers or bloggers. Ultimately, they try by all means to pull down others through their comments.

If spam or troll comments are threatening the reputation or credibility of your blog then you should put measures in place to check them. Here are my suggestions:

  • Delete any or spam or troll comment immediately
  • Block the IP address of the sender
  • Install anti-spam plugins or tools on your blog
  • Ignore trollers and they would eventually get tired
  • You can resort to legal action against trollers if it is worth your time.

Conclusively, allowing blog comments is beneficial. It helps to promote blogging success. However, every blogger should plan an effective commenting action. This should include putting effective measures in place to checkmate spam and troll commentators.

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