Points to Ponder in Guest Posting

Guest posting is one of the blog promotional tools almost all bloggers have undertaken today. To some, their efforts have indeed paid off as they actually benefited from it. But there are also bloggers who were not successful with it.

In any case, guest posting is basically a start in making a name for you as a certified blogger. It’s just a matter of writing the right content for the right topic at the right time and at the right avenue. Thus, before you engage yourself in it you need to consider some factors relevant to it in such a way that will lead to mutual benefits for you and the blog owner.

1. Initial contact with the blog owner

Just like in any other situation wherein first impression really makes a difference, it’s pretty much the same with guest posting in which you need to make the right first move to impress the blog owner whom you want to write for. On top of this is sending a 2-sentence pitch with the right format and brief information about the guest topic that should be done tastefully using proper grammar and punctuation marks.

2. Submit a unique and relevant topic

Bear in mind that you are pitching a specific site for guest posting hence it is expected from you that a remarkable and top of the line article will be submitted in exchange for the desired backlink. Thus for you to be considered, your topic must be unique, relevant, and very timely. Otherwise, you will hardly find a site that will consider it and you’ll end up sending feelers to blog owners time and time again.

3. Deliver an excellent content

Having a great topic does not end there the quest for success in guest posting. It has to be supported with an excellent content in order for it to be accepted. Though there are other sites accepting contents that were published elsewhere, much better if you submit something original that has not yet been published. Very often high quality sites accept only unpublished exceptional blog posts for this is their edge over their competitors.

4. Properly written and well-edited content

In as much as great content is very essential, the article itself must be properly written and well-edited too that is equally important in guest posting. Proper spelling, correct grammar and right punctuations must be checked before sending the article. Anyway with the help of office suite as well as the free online grammar and spelling checker, this isn’t really a daunting task. Mistakes can be easily detected and does not take much of your time in doing so. Actually it’s easier than finding a blog site that will accept an unedited content.

5. Use of keywords within the content

Overuse of keywords is one of the common mistakes many bloggers commit. If not regulated, this will be considered a spam and there’ll be corresponding penalty to it imposed by search engines. Therefore use of keywords must be properly regulated to avoid being penalized. If you will just follow the generally accepted SEO guidelines, you are on your way towards achieving your desired outcome.

Following the standards of blog owners in guest posting is actually beneficial to you. Apart from the fact that your blog post is accepted, the traffic that you will get from it and the opportunity to continuously write for these sites, the other benefit that you will get has something to do with you personally. You will positively learn from it that you can use for your future blogging endeavors.

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