Outstanding Blogging Tips for the Network Marketing Professional

Blogging for Content, Not Google Points

It’s true what they say: “Content is King”. Don’t care so much about the construction of your blog initially. You can have an excellent blog but it won’t mean a damn thing if you don’t have content on it. I will even take a crack at saying that you shouldn’t even drop a note for Google (writing for SEO) and preferably start writing for your readers. Quite a few people may hold different opinion with this statement as it is counter intuitive as far as SEO is concerned. After all, you want your blog to be worthwhile on Google right?

Look… Here’s the thing. You can take a quick look out there on the internet and find a bunch of blogs that have become so saturated with key words that it just seems and feels bizarre.

When you drop a note for your readers and they get that there’s a real person behind all those pixels on their screen, and they’re gaining an immense amount of worth, they will share your content with their friends and the search engines will see that your blog posts are applicable (what a dragging sentence!). This is what ranks your website. Certainly, keywords do mean something, but social media is starting to have a much higher significance now. That’s another subject for another day, though.

To Post, Or Not to Post? That is the Issue…

Congruity is one of the key factors that pose to be one of the best blogging tips you can come across. Once you’ve sold yourself on the distinct fact that content on your website is substantial, you might want to examine how often one should post.

Heaps of people have diverse posting rhythms. You might find it convenient for you to only publish 3 blog posts per week. It’s been my experience that roughly one blog post per day makes for the best with the search engines but you don’t want to burn yourself out if that’s too much for you.

Remember: Blogging is supposed to be pleasant. If you’re not having fun and you’re gassing yourself out then you’re doing something wrong.

One thing you could do is to set aside a time so you can take a close look at your daily calendar. What does it look like? How much time can you realistically set aside for writing blog posts?

Publishing posts is not the only thing that comes along with occupying a network marketing blog (and all other websites for that matter), you have to figure in social media marketing, commenting on other blogs, answering to comments on your blog, and the list goes on. Determine your goals and make sure your level of obligation matches that.

I Ain’t sticking around for this!

How many times have you or someone you know have gone to a website and found the news there to be subpar? Maybe the writing wasn’t enticing enough for you or just entirely pointless. One of my biggest gripes with many a blogger today is the lack of value they put out into the market. I’ll be the first one to admit that I’m not perfect and I possible may have been guilty of this in the past, but at least I make an intentional endeavor to add worth to my readers.

I wake up every morning with a smile on my face because I know people have read my humble blog and gained worth. Can I say that this is true for every visitor? No, but it is something I continually try to pick up on.

I can’t wait for people to land on my blog and soak up all the news I have to offer. I know people will gain from this and that’s what drives me to provide valuable advice. Embrace this kind of character and it’s likely you’ll see an overall improvement on your blog.

The Bribe

One last thing: Have an opt in form! Otherwise how the heck are you likely to get leads? Everything stated above falls on this one thing. Provide consistent and valuable content, and people will organically arrive to your MLM blog. Doing this ensures you get qualified and targeted leads.

You should always provide something of great quality.

An eBook describing how you went from ‘Zero to Hero’ or an audio you recorded on X amount of steps to ‘whatever area you’re going to lead people to success’. If you truly care for your readers, your community, your future business partners… Then coming up with an awesome, ethical bribe shouldn’t be a problem. Take that ethical bribe and offer it to your readers for their name and email. If it’s high value, then it’s not an issue.

How’s that for some successful blogging tips?

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