Opting Blogging As a Career in Today’s World

If you’re a completely passionate writer who is looking forward to opt for blogging as a career, then here are some things that might help you have a kick start to your career. Basically, there are 5 kinds of bloggers on this planet of life.

a) The Hobbyist

The kind of person who uses blogging for their personal entertainment or entertainment purpose for the viewers without any intentions or expectations of wages or benefits

b) The Part-timer

The kind of blogger who uses blogging to supplement their income.

c) The Entrepreneur

A person who blogs for a company that they own, to support it through great ideas and interaction with their users, for the improvement of the quality of the company.

d) The Corporate

A person who blogs along with their full-time or part-time association with a company.

e) The full-timer

The person who blogs as a full-time career.

In the above bloggers life, other than the person that blogs as a hobby, there is one thing in common. They get paid, and have a blast! You can be a full-time professional blogger who works particularly at one joint or state of business for a long period of time or even short intervals. Else, you can work as a freelance blogger who changes their medium of work for every blog post or articles being posted. Based on the option chosen, the wages will vary. For example, a freelance blogger may earn wages less when compared to full-time professionals. It can also be the other way around depending on the context of the work being provided.

Structure of wages

In a survey of 1 K bloggers by a well renowned blog site in 2012, it is found that 17% are able to manage their lifestyle or provide support to their family with their blogging career, while 81% never make even $100 from blogging. The other 2% spend less than 2 hours a day blogging but make more than $150K. It all depends on how qualified your blog posts are and what kind of a platform you work for in the case of blogging. You wages depend upon how often you tend to blog, the quality of your content, how competitive your topic is in the web and network, and how effective you are at grabbing a great deal of audience, as well as a bit of luck.

Nothing comes easy. Every form of work takes time to become perfect and to have a proper and a generous stability at a point. Blogging doesn’t snap you to fame all at once, and neither does it make it rain cash all the time. It may take months or even years to reach a state of achievement, as equally taking in any other field. So if blogging is your passion and you want to take it up as a career, then with all proper guidance and planning, start off your career! Best of luck!

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