My SEO Strategy

I have come to understand that website owners basically have two things in common. One is the endless need for fresh content and the other is a way to promote that same content. Of all of the ways that this can be done, SEO is easily the method that confuses me the most. After years of trail and error, I can honestly say that I have finally developed an SEO strategy.

I will get to the strategy in a moment. But first I want to level with ya. See, I am not some genius marketer. Nor am I one of those self taught computer programmers. I’m just a regular site owner that is willing to learn and put in the necessary time to accomplish my goals. And I will admit that the chasing search engine rankings thing just wasn’t my cup of tea.

The traffic and leads that come from the top rankings spoke for themselves. Who am I to argue with proven results? Yet my issue was much simpler. It seemed that almost every month I was being bombarded with strategies, tactics and stealth software that promised to cement me on page one of the search engines. And then I would read a thorough, articulated blog post from someone else that would totally disagree with (what I thought) was a sound strategy. And to make matters worse, then the Google updates started!

Believe me, after all of this, I was ready to throw in the towel. And I did for awhile. But I liked everything about having and working on a website so much! Well, except the optimization stuff. So I kept reading. And studying. And looking around the web trying to get a handle on this thing. Then before I knew it, I had my gameplan.

Alright, here’s my deal: I write. Simple as that.

Yes, I will explain in more detail. You see, one thing I did learn during the search engine fallout was that unique, original content was valued. It took me some time, but it finally dawned on me that I can generate the “right” kind of content myself! I can write it myself – easy enough to do and simple to understand.

These days, my SEO strategy is my writing. I write my own blog posts. I write and submit articles to EzineArticles. I post on forums that I like. And I even comment on a few blogs. I tweet and post on social media too.

Now I will say that it helps to have a structure to follow to keep things on track, but this is essentially my strategy. I know that this method of promotion isn’t for everyone, and that’s fine. But I can tell ya that it works for me. And as far as I’m concerned, it’s my go-to strategy to get rankings.

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