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Lessons Learned From a Great Marketer Jim Straw

I had the opportunity to meet one of the late great legends Jim Straw. Even though we were from two completely different generations and what seemed like two very different worlds, we were still able to connect. It was still a great time to be in his presence. He was a great man and very down and blunt as they come.

Be Who You Are

Upon talking with Jim (at a private dinner of elite marketers) and sitting beside him to pick his brain all night, he said that, “Lots of people are afraid to be who they really are. People put on an act, a front and it’s down right disgusting.” If you spoke to Jim, you’d hear the fire in his voice and the amount of passion that he had.

Many times people come and create a persona who they are really not. It’s like wearing a costume, being a fake, a phony and not being real to yourself, your followers or your customers. I’d take and deliver real over fake any day of the week.

Jim also instilled the meaning of originality and stated that a lot of people no longer have an original thought. Does this sound true, still yet today? You bet your assets it does. Originality is a part of being who you are. YOU are not a duplicate copy of someone else yet people tend to want to follow the trend. Not saying following the trend is bad for the right reasons (research, predictability and determining trends in the market to set up shop), but you need to understand that being your more than anything else is what’s important, especially today!

Deliver What You Said You Would Deliver

This man was on fire as we sat at the dinner table, listening to him give out his years of knowledge and expertise all in this short amount of time. In such a few short words, he summed it up… “Deliver what you said you would deliver how you would deliver it!”

This made sense, and really resonated. If you think about it today, your reputation is all you have. People have tarnished their reputation as simply by not doing what they said they would do how and when they said they would do it. It may seem like peanuts but it carries a lot of weight.

If you are going to create a digital download, yet you don’t have your system setup in place to deliver (testing it before it goes live) and you have an army of affiliates promote your product and people spend money on this product but can’t access it and request refunds, do you think people are going to want to promote and do business with you again? Chances are pretty slim to none.

A key point is to go above and beyond what you promised to deliver (adding more value and kudos points in the eye of your new/existing customer). People rarely buy because of the product, they buy because they get to know you, like you and believe that you can solve their problem.

Do What Others Aren’t Willing To DO!

As the night went on and we began talking more and more, Jim leaned over and said, “If you do what others aren’t willing to do you’ll have what others only wish they could have.” I mean, this was coming from a man who made millions off of eBooks, direct mail marketing pieces and a lot of other business’s that he was involved in over the years.

Once I got to learn more about Jim as a person and the wisdom he was so openly sharing at the table with everyone, I took down mental notes and started to apply them in my everyday life. If you do the little things that people tell you then you’ll start to see even bigger results.

He wasn’t one of those flashy marketers who had to have all the latest gadgets and whiz-bang websites. His sites were very simple, plain, to the point and his copy writing and email series were some of the best I’ve seen in awhile.

Care About Your Customers And The Money WILL Come

If you care about your customers and put them first, all else will fall into place. Many marketers and businesses are too focused on the dollar amount instead of building a long term relationship with their customers. If someone is willing to break out their credit card once on your product or service, and you treat them right, they’ll do it again and again and again.

Think about how many people are repeating customers at the large fast food chains in the world, pretty interesting isn’t it? McDonald’s is the easiest one to talk about. They have a system that they follow when you visit, and that system is to get you to come back again, and again and again. They politely up sell you, take your money, thank you for your business and tell you to please come again and you drive off with a happy experience (for the most part, the food is another subject for a later time).

Does McDonald’s care about their customers? You bet! From the ages of 3-80+ they do! They know how important a customer is to their business. Start to view your customers the same way.

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