Increasing Your Weblog Traffic

Blog Networks
Even if your blog is still under construction you can still get involved in the blogging community. It is best to build relationships with other bloggers. You can join other blogging communities and search through blogs that interest you; post comments and guest-post if necessary.

Most of the time when you comment a blog, you have an option to put in your url of your blog or website that will be displayed with your comment. You want to find blogs that relate and interest you, once you do this make sure you leave meaningful comments. Never spam on blogs. If you look like you know what your are talking about on the subject most of the time others will click that link back to your website to see who you are and what you are about. Now doing this on blogs also forms relationships between you and the owners of those blogs that you visit often.

This is some of the oldest way of promotion. Find chatrooms that relate to your blog. Let the people you chat with in on your blog and what it is about. If you build relationships in chatrooms that you visit frequently, these people will support you and your website. This is actually how I got into web design way back in the day when I used to visit a chatroom everyday. I built a relationship, started learning web design and getting help through other members showing off their websites and I took it from there.

Blog Reviews
You can contact other blog owners asking them to write a review of your blog. Now in return you would want to write a review of their blog and usually you will end up exchanging links. Make sure you don’t make the review sound too cheesed up and don’t post them on the same days.

Join forums related to your website. Put your website links in your sig with maybe a banned picture. You can also visit webmaster forums and ask for a review on your website. You can also set up your profile to show your latest blog posts in your profile and in your posts. Do not ever spam a forum.

Link Directories
There are tons of these out there. Be sure to submit your site around to multiple ones. Just do some research on them first and make sure they aren’t link farms or have a bunch of spam sites listed within them. This is not good on your websites behalf.

If you are trying to increase traffic, you can always offer advertising space, guest posting space, hosting, or whatever you can think of to other blogs that aren’t huge. You can ask them to just mention you in a post, let you guest blog, exchange advertising space, and lots more.

Link Exchange
Try to find other blogs or websites that have a similar amount of traffic to yours, or try to get in good with someone who runs a popular blog or site and ask to exchange links.

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