How to Write Your Blog Fast

If you are using article marketing to drive traffic to your blog then you are going to need to do a lot of writing. In fact, in order to use article marketing to start to get a really good flow of traffic to your blog you need to write three articles a day for a year. Add a blog post every other day and that equals a lot of writing. In order to be able to keep up with this requirement of writing you have to be able to write fast. How do you write good stuff fast? There are some Tricks of the trade that you can use to keep up with the necessary fast pace.

One of the reasons that some people can’t write fast is because they don’t have a system. You have to create a system of habits that will make the writing process go much faster. The following paragraphs will tell you how to write a blog fast.

Having a system can be as easy as being prepared. Just think about it. If you are getting ready for a big event you can be dressed in 20 minutes or less if you already have your clothes and shoes laid out. However, think of how long it will take you to get ready for the same event if you have to take the time to search through your closet to find something to wear. The same concept applies to writing blogs. Preparing to write your blog can be as easy as creating an idea file. This involves recording thoughts for your blog as you go throughout your day. Carry a notepad with you and write thoughts down or use your iPhone to record them. This way you already have thoughts and topics for your blog and you just need to fill in the details. If for some reason the thoughts are not flowing then look at other blogs in your niche to get ideas. The ideas for all blog posts don’t have to be original. It is perfectly fine to learn from another person’s blog and write about what you’ve learned from your own perspective using your own words. Just make sure that you put “via” at the bottom with a link to the source.

Another thing that helps you to write faster is to not worry about editing while you are writing. Write all of your thoughts without stopping. When you are finished then go back and read your blog aloud. Read it as though you are reading to an audience. Edit it to make it sound good enough to deliver to an audience of hundreds of people. Once you are satisfied that it could successfully be presented to an audience you are finished editing.

If you plan ideas for your blog ahead of time and write through your blog before editing the most time-consuming part of your post would be adding pictures. Adding pictures is important because it has been known to increase the times a blog is shared.

If you follow the tips in this article you should be able to shave time off of how long it takes you to write a blog.

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