How to Write A Good Blog Post That Engages People

Do you have the desire to write more compelling and powerful blog posts that can engage a mass audience?

You’re at the right spot, but first realize that you must dedicate some time to actually master this ever essential skill that can pay off HUGE in the long run. This requires work, effort, tenacity, and consistent and persistent action towards a dream that you value.

Of course, let’s cover some basic mechanics of an engaging blog post. My psychology stems from some of the training that my mentors have given me, as well as quantifiable proof through some basic research myself. If you simply go to and look at the top sites in the world you will see the top 1,000, but what I want you to do is only look at the top 10.

We have Google as Number 1, Facebook as Number 2, YouTube as Number 3, and Amazon as Number 10. This gives us a form of evidence as to what people are desiring to experience when they get online and turn on their computer.

We can look at the internet as a basis of search. Just think about this for a second: Google is for factual based information. People type in the search bar what they’re looking to find, and from there they can read information based off of what Google gives off.

When we look at Facebook we can clearly see it as a community for people to engage in and connect with others on an on going Facebook. I go to work sometimes or see people at their jobs on their phones and I usually see them browsing through Facebook not doing much of anything. People just love to see what their friends are up to and so much more.

When I think about YouTube I think about my mom that likes to browse through different channels and different shows just to be entertained. She loves the Korean pop dramas and shows about singing contests, but there’s also a secret underground community of video bloggers that love to entertain people as well!

Lastly, if we take into consideration Amazon people go there simply to just buy random stuff online. It’s really just that simple and if they see something they like, or something that captivates their attention they will just buy!

So, when writing a good blog post the essence lies in the fact that you want to incorporate all of these factors in your blog posts. You want to give value based content and information. You want to be yourself, and share your opinions with the world. You want to go ahead and be as entertaining as possible, and lastly if you have a service that’s useful go ahead and sell it!

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