How to Set the Right Priorities for Blogging

The thing for you and me in our blogging experience is to set our priorities straight so that basically we would find our 20%. 20%, the most important tasks in the day that would give 80% of the achievement, of the success. Some people also teach and go even one step further than this. If we find 20% of the 20%, which give 80% of the 80%, you see, so then we would get 4% really of your actions, amount to 64% of your results. 4/64 percent rule, not 20/80, but 4 versus 64.

This is even more advanced way of thinking, and I would say that it’s true for me, because I might have some really important activities in my day, but even from that 20% they’re not all that equally important. My 4% activities in the day give 64% of results, and that might be quite enough. So I think what you could do is really evaluate your day-to-day activities and find either your 80/20 percent activities or 64 versus 4%. Maybe if it’s really difficult for you to go 4/64, maybe look at your day simplistically and find simply 20% of the most important actions that you have. That’s for starters. Then you could have one step further later on if you don’t feel comfortable of omitting really your actions during the day.

Here is a good exercise for setting your priorities straight, and applying this 4/64 rule or 20/80 rule. Take out a sheet of paper, one sheet of paper and write out all of the things you need to do in your day. Write like in a diary, a list of maybe 25 ideas, what you’re doing in the day. It’s creatively, and mentally, and physically, and socially, and emotionally, and even spiritually. Anything you write you really are doing during the day. Think about what’s the most important few things, five things. You might have a list of 25 things you are doing every day.

If you’re really serious about your blogging success I really recommend you choose to do top five things, that’s all, that’s it. That’s it. You don’t need to do everything, but top five things are very, very enough for you to be successful in blogging, in life in general. But you have to be very strict with yourself, and limit the possibilities for you to do everything, because we don’t have a time in our lives eternally. Everything is limited. Resources are limited. So applying this 80/20 rule, or 64/4 rule is really the key, the key in success in finding time for blogging.

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