How to Set Up Your WordPress Settings

After installing WordPress to your domain, there are still some important steps to attend to. In this tutorial we will show you how to set up your Settings section in your dashboard. Type the name of your website with /wp-admin next to it (e.g. and you will be taken to your log in page. Here you put your username and password you set when installing WordPress.


Once activated, this will then take you into the administration section. The settings we are showing you below, are suggested settings that many people use but of course can be changed to suit your preferences. The settings now need to be set as follows:

Open up the settings tab which is on left hand side of the dashboard menu.

1. General Settings – here you put the title of your blog and on the 2nd line a short description of what you are offering (e.g. Title Debt Problems and 2nd line Debt problems and loan consolidation), further down put your email you want to use for any communication regarding this site. Then set your time zone by dropping down the box and selecting the country and city closest to you. – Save your changes.

2. Writing – here you can select which category you will use for default posts (that is new posts you haven’t already selected a category for) If you haven’t put any categories in as yet, you can add them later. Then, a bit further down the page tick the 2 boxes

3. Reading – you usually do not have to change anything there but you do have the option of how many blog posts are showing on the front page (the default number is 10)

4. Discussion settings – here you can decide whether you would like people to make comments on your blogs – if you do leave as is – if not remove the ticks from the top 3 boxes. On this page there is also the option of having your avatar which will show when you make a comment on another site. This can be an image or photo associated with your email.

5. Media – this gives you the option of changing the maximum dimensions of photos (in pixels) displayed on your site. Many people feel that the default options given are the best options to use

6. Permalinks – lets you decide how you display information in say Twitter etc. we use this after ticking custom structure – /%postname%/ – we find it works well for us, however there are many options there for you to look at and make your own decision.

We hope this helps to get you started on publishing your WordPress blog. We also hope you continue to love and learn more about WordPress.

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