How to Promote Your Blog to Reach the Widest Audience and Readers

Just putting your blog online is not enough. Once your articles have been well written and posted online for your readers to read, it is time to start promoting your blog. Promoting or marketing your blog is hard work, to say the least. Promoting your blog will put it in front of people. Thankfully, there are myriad of ways to do it – all it takes is time. You will want to be sure that once your blog is developed and in place, that it is positioned correctly to capture your market. In doing so, you will discover that your blog markets itself.

To begin, you have to find your niche and focus on it. Defining your blog’s niche is straightforward. What kind of reader do you wish to entice? And what are they interested in? Does your blog cover it? Once you are able to answer these questions correctly, you are good to go. You can then plan where you want to market and approach visitors. You will also be able to track your competition. This will enable you to know where best to comment!

Going through your blog should, quite literally, mesmerize people and draw them in. It should arouse their interest in reading your posts, and more importantly, be completely on point for what they were expecting. Your blog should contain all the unique contents as you can possibly manage – it should ALWAYS be unique. You will avoid Google’s copy content filter, and better than that, you will have a reputation for not pursuing the herd.

In the circumstance of internet marketing, this does include advertising about launches, but one of the primary blunders most bloggers (and mailing list owners!) make is that they feel that they HAVE to share the mailing information they are given, as an internet marketer. This is a mistake because like seeing the same image over and over again, people will start to block out affiliate based ads; so instead of sharing what you’ve been given, word-for-word, why not write your own ads?

Unique contents and will interest people far more than flashy music or templates. You need to consider making your blog at least a little memorable. Choose a template that speaks to you on a professional level; a template that is interesting and easy to use. There is no point using a flashy template if you have little or no knowledge on how to make it work.

Making your customers aware that your blog exists is a bit hard, but not impossible. Most internet marketers have access to forums, mailing lists and more – so use them to tell people about your blog. If you are lucky, a big marketer will see what you are talking about, and link to you. These big marketers might also consider running a solo ad for you, but you may have to pay for it, and unless you’re in exactly same niche as they are, or at least one that overlaps considerably, this may not be all that worthwhile for you.

Other people’s blogs are also a great way to attract traffic – after all, they’ve already got people from your niche coming into their blog – the leg work is done – and the really big ones in your niche also have a nice secondary effect. MOST blogs, when you comment on them, or comment about them, trackback will provide a link back to your blog, with your comment.

The people who agree with you, especially on controversial topics are automatically more likely to comment on your blog – and once someone opens a dialogue, they usually continue it. That’s not to say you should troll blogs to disagree with others. You shouldn’t deliberately look for a reason to pick a fight on another blog – in fact, it’s usually good practice not to argue at all on blogs. If you truly believe the person blogging is presenting a ‘fake’ point of view, by all means call them on it.

The bottom line to this is that the more readers you have, the more traffic you have – the more customers you should generate. But please bear in mind that to successfully promote your blog to the widest audience, you have to know your blog readers.

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