How to Present an Amazing Curated Post

There is no doubt that original content is extremely important and can bring your business very far. However, it may become difficult at times to continually come up with fresh, original content at a great frequency. That is where curated content comes into play. You can present a combination of original and top-quality curated content, which will truly benefit your target audience.

The misperception of curated content

People generally understand how to create original content. The concept is clear and, providing that they have decent writing skills, they can present content that other people will find valuable and worth reading. However, then there is curated content. The concept of curated content seems to be more difficult for many people to grasp. Curated content should never be mistaken for plagiarized content. That is definitely not the case.

You take that content and post it in its entirety, word for word. Of course, you include a line of attribution at the bottom so that all of your readers know who wrote the article. At the end of the article, you add your own commentary.

Curated content is beneficial for many reasons, including the idea that it adds interesting layers to what you are posting. It benefits you and your business because you are offering content of great value and it benefits your readers because they are reaping the benefits of really great content that they can use to enhance their own business. It is important to remember that you should make sure to include a call-to-action as part of your commentary.

The elements that you can change or revise

There are certain elements of curated content that you can change and it is perfectly acceptable. The curated article should have an original title. It is important that the title is unique. You don’t want it to be viewed identically with the search engines. You want the search engines to regard the post as your original article. Remember, the right headline can make or break whether your readers stop to read what you have posted or just pass by and read someone else’s content.

A fresh, new (original) graphic can really have a positive effect on your readers. Many people are visual and the words (as wonderful as they may be) may not have the same positive impact as graphics do. However, it is important to make sure that you avoid any graphic that might have a copyright issue of any kind. There are many websites that offer free graphics. You have plenty of graphic images from which to choose.

When it comes to the body of your post, there are a few elements that you must include. First of all, an attribution line is critical. Without that line, which gives credit to the author of the content that you are sharing, you will be considered a plagiarist. The second element is your commentary on the other person’s content. That must also include a link to the full original article. Of course, you content should let your readers know why you chose this article and what value it holds, from you perspective. It must be relevant to what you are doing, what your target audience needs, and what you are selling (ultimately).

Back links were mentioned previously. It is extremely important that you provide links that function properly and that take your readers to the right place. They need to be able to access the full article of the other author.

Another important element to include is a direct (verbatim) quote from the other author’s article. Make sure that the quote is valuable, relevant, insightful, and educational for the reader.

Your CTA must tell your readers specifically what you want them to do. In most cases, they will be willing to do what you ask. The CTA allows your readers to interact with you. That is exactly how your relationship will start and it will only get stronger and stronger from that point on.


Posting curated content adds a tremendous value to your already strong armamentarium of amazing words and graphics. Using a combination of original and curated content keeps your online contributions relevant and valuable. Using the combination of original and curated content also increases brand awareness and it says a great deal about your desire to add value to the experience that you are offering your target audience.

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