How to Limit Distractions for Bloggers

If you’re really serious about your blogging success I really recommend you choose to do top five things, that’s all, that’s it. That’s it. You don’t need to do everything, but top five things are very, very enough for you to be successful in blogging, in life in general. But you have to be very strict with yourself, and limit the possibilities for you to do everything, because we don’t have a time in our lives eternally. Everything is limited. Resources are limited. So applying this 80/20 rule, or 64/4 rule is really the key, the key in success in finding time for blogging.

Once you do that. Once you can honestly say here is my list of 25 things I do in my day, and here are the top five things I’m doing, and once you are honestly crossing out all the unnecessary things, this means that you have to limit distractions. Distractions are the things that other people want you to do, but they don’t contribute to your goals and dreams. They don’t contribute to your blogging success. They don’t contribute to your purpose in life. We call it putting out fires, basically.

You receive an email for example from your colleague, or a stranger even, asking you to do something for him or her. Usually this means these things are urgent, labeled urgent. What we usually do is we usually reply all the time, and right away to things that are urgent. Urgent necessarily means important. Here is the very, very crucial rule that I use. So, you have to limit your input so that your output would be the greatest possible output you can have in your day.

These words have been written by Tim Ferriss, a very famous blogger and entrepreneur, so you can look him up. Tim Ferriss, and he writes about basically limiting distractions and doing what’s really, really important first. Limiting your input so that your output would be the most, the greatest possible. By the way, about 64/4 rule, you can read on James Altucher’s website. He also is very, very famous entrepreneur and blogger too. He constantly applies this strict regiment of limiting distractions, limiting activities during his time, which means that he can focus on issues and things that really have a tremendous impact on his activities, on his success, and in his business, and his life too.

So, limit distractions. Distractions basically means we are reacting to the urgent calls to other people, urgent desires of other people. Here’s the thing, never prioritize your family. Your family is probably the most important thing in your life. Your family, your spouse, your children. So, if you have let’s say a request from your spouse or your children, I would think you should do this first, because you’re surrounded by people who really love you, and this really would be rude to neglect your family at the expense of your relationship with them, and to work on your business, blogging business instead. We should not do this.

Yes, we should perhaps talk to our family members, and explain that what we’re doing is really important to us as human beings, and maybe we setup boundaries. The time in the day, or in the morning, or in the evening when we are at work, working on our blogging business. Unless it is an emergency they should respect your time. In normally family situation people should usually understand this, and this is something we could talk about with our family members. But again, do not really prioritize them. If it’s something like an emergency, and if your lets say kid wants you to read a book for her or let’s say check her homework, I would say you should do this, because we should not neglect our family members.

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